September 19, 2017

Beatmania IIDX Sirius – Non-Fiction Story

Sorta newbie play


  1. kakusei3000 says:

    Play more? randoms

  2. SalemCat2k says:

    That’s the way to? go XDD

  3. dankuro97 says:

    I went from? newbie to ultra-n00b for not playing in a half a year, It is still in my external HDD with almost all the IIDX collection (excepting some IIDX 1X and resort anthem).
    I’m gonna play it now, at 22:46 pm of the night, with max volume, for pwning my neighborhood :D

  4. SalemCat2k says:

    Oh, now I got better XD And now I’m not newbie,? but novice XD

  5. dankuro97 says:

    newbie? tell me you’re kidding! xD
    you are awesome, I haven’t played bm in a lone time xD?