August 22, 2017

Both Of Us – BoB feat. Taylor Swift (Lyrics Video) with lyrics on screen (HD) New 2012 ?

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  1. Loretta Tening says:


  2. Andrea Tang says:

    ha? funny

  3. zxbabygirlxz says:

    ilovee this song.. but what happened to the? rest of it?

  4. Achini Perera says:

    looooooooooove it?

  5. John Blackstar says:

    i agree? with you too :3

  6. rebecca Harrietha says:

    I? agree with you.

  7. Elisa Draeger says:

    you shouldn’t be so rude you? need to go to hell

  8. Nirosha Madushan says:

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  9. adwwghoost says:

    ??? MUSIC? IS MY LIFE ????

  10. These two artists make an amazing song. Great lyrics. But they cant feel our? pain and feel our struggles… They are nothing like us. ..

  11. Why so shallow? Whats the pattern to? the madness?????????????

  12. HossainSabbirKhan says:

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  13. sponge19661 says:

    u r a ass? that is really mean to say to a person who someone they loved died

  14. Claire lynn says:

    love this? song xx

  15. I wish i was strong enough to lift? not one but both of us….<3

  16. Excuse me faggot, do you not know who? I am?

  17. Tyler Benton says:

    Sorry, you are in my prayers?

  18. Craftingallthetime says:

    “if im lucky to be different from everybody else i dont want? to change to be the same” quote from taylor swift

  19. Craftingallthetime says:

    i love this song! its so true everybody wants to climb the same old ladder. i am one of a kind who cares what i wear!? i am unique

  20. mett imagine says:

    I agree……IsraelDbz? Contreras, I care and if you don’t
    then obviously you are not strong enough to lift yourself and someone else like that girl/boy’s grandmother was

  21. Xcept10nalx10 says:

    Wtf is wrong with u, im pretty sure nobody cares about “Goku wins in my book”, I do my searching and ur like? 9? Alot of people care if some one had a loss in their family. What? Like you didn’t? In every video there is a dumbass comment that gets removed. Congratulations shithead, u won it! ;)

  22. francesca Rosso says:

    this is so sweet. but super akward just think? about it

  23. Remy Khinda says:

    AWWW I’m sorry your family’s in my prayers I’m? sorry

  24. Sierra Belvin says:

    I like it. :) … pretty good but look at what Taylor? was and what she is now I meen she is in rap videos. What happened to the old Taylor?

  25. Geeta Sharma says:


  26. TheAwesomeBoss3 says:

    plus he’s got a 2? kids and a wife he doesn’t see most of the day

  27. TheAwesomeBoss3 says:

    yeah I sent him a message too a while back but never respond. But it’s all good because I’ve got a ton respect for him and i? understand he works and his dedication he puts into his videos. I don’t think he’s trying to ignore he’s got over 20,000 subs, you really expect him to respond to every comment when he works and makes daily videos.

  28. Ranay Mudgal says:

    U posted this? on my birthday

  29. Hunter Brown says:

    No man, they banned my for the only comment I posted the entire stream. It wasn’t full of cursing, or insulting, or promoting. All I said was “Ed Reed is iffy” and I was instantly banned before I could even? explain why I feel so.

  30. barack obomba says:

    i watch there streams all the time and ive never been banned. u probly just post too many comments bc i got banned on a? different stream when i was watching a dif guy im subbed bc i was commenting too much.

  31. gamester1440 says:


  32. Hunter Brown says:

    Oh yeah totally. I like GS alot, but it seems like he only talks to you is if you are going to unsubscribe him or something like that. He’s a great dude and puts up great content, but I dont feel like watching? a guy that removes me from streams and his friends completely ignore me entirely.

  33. BagelsRbreakfastFood says:

    Man, GS. I missed your last live stream and I checked your channel constantly on Feb. 1st for your daily video.? Dang, any warning like a day before live stream. I love your videos and thanks for your dedication to us!

  34. Prank call him!? My friend said GS sucks! (714) 631 2485 !

  35. davidgarcia482840 says:


  36. davidgarcia482840 says:

    Whats traws name on yourtube??

  37. khightower445 says:

    When are you streaming? ?

  38. GS goes ham in streams?

  39. yashdesai88 says:

    GS! hey man I appreciate the daily vids, but I enjoy? the livestreams more. I would appreciate if you could inform us earlier of when the streams are gunna be. I would really like watch another one, but by sending out short notice, I believe you guys, (meaning chappy, imav, traw, dream, kouppa, etc) are losing out on precious viewers to the livestreams. all i ask is a notice that is put out a couple of days in advance. enjoy your stuff man. keep doin what your doin.

  40. MrGoldenSports says:

    thats AWESOME my man that REALLY REALLY REALLY means a lot man! like u dont know how AWESOME that comment meant! thanks for ur support? for real!

  41. chrisiscool06 says:

    How do you get? an ebook?

  42. 7:40 that steeler player ran up to the ref and socked his ass? LOL

  43. The? streaming again

  44. Hunter Brown says:

    What are you talking about bro??

  45. andrew gudino says:

    NCAA? 2007 was my first game

  46. jared duwayne says:

    i left? mutiple coments and no response i really dont care if he responds or not i just love his videos

  47. Kevin Sibert says:

    are you dong? that tonight

  48. gamester1440 says:

    check youre imbox how? about that

  49. gamester1440 says:

    yeah right i send thousands of comments how to do this need help with that no comment but as soon as i say something negative its oh hell no just whatch his last vid you will see what i mean and when he replies i tell him its the ony way to get his attention and i ask him about the o line ultimate blocking ( aka cheap fag d ) since i could litterally be held for 1 minute which isint sim at all madden gods my ass no reply right back where we started?

  50. kadeem stewart says:

    hey gs? i love your videos send me a friend requset my ps3 name is jacan_yute