October 22, 2017

Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Music Program For Stress Relief, Mind Power & Creativity

visit www.TrypnauralMeditation.com for a free download of some mind enhancing, stress relieving Trypnaural meditation music + a free ebook that shows you how Trypnaural works and how to use it to meditate deeper than a zen monk in minutes! This meditation is designed to help your mind ascend to the higher frequencies of peace and joy. A combination of special brainwave entrainment frequencies, music, sounds and vocals are used to stimulate your brains natural production of the beneficial hormones, serotonin, melatonin and DMT. Sit back, relax, breathe deeply but gently and allow the music and sounds to massage your mind…. Research by Dr Vincent Giampapa, MD, Former President of American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, New England Journal of Medicine Dr Giampapa suggested that binaural beats “dramatically” affects the production of three hormones directly related to longevity of life and overall well-being; cortisol, DHEA and melatonin: 1) Cortisol is found in the adrenal glands and impacts learning and memory, as too much of it is bad for us and causes stress. This is reduced by binaural beats 2) DHEA is used as a “source ingredient” for virtually every “good hormone” the body needs, and helps our immune system. This is increased by binaural beats 3) Melatonin is the chemical produced during deep, natural sleep. Having lots of DHEA and melatonin is good for us. This is increased by brainwave entrainment using binaural beats. Research by Dr Margaret Patterson & Dr Ifor


  1. Killuminati Ryda says:

    i know? its dope

  2. Killuminati Ryda says:

    its all in the mind anyways….they put gmos in our food, chemtrails in the air, flouride in the water, subliminal programing through the media, and now mind control through hemi sync…which i doubt, because of have been studying music theory and frequencies… We are Light and Sound and on Earth Water…either we are Forever Immortal… You can not kill consciousness. I? agree with Niraj Naik. SovereignBeing I send you healing energy…

  3. kapone815 says:

    yes use headphones you have to in? order to get a full effect

  4. bugsy93nushka says:

    Hi Niraj – thank you for this music. I find it really useful for concentrating at work when I need to write something creative. In response to the idiotic comments about mind control, you can remind your viewers? that relaxing music has been written since the days of Bach and Handel – they were masters at it. Relaxing music does not control the mind, but influences it – for the better.

  5. Charles Deneffe says:

    Very Relaxing!? Awesome . Thank you

  6. 1SunScope says:

    Oooohhhhhh YYyyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh….This is the GOOD stuff. Thank You VERY? Much.

  7. Marjolyn Noble says:

    Loved this … great creation! ?

  8. Aleishia Danielle says:

    i feel like ive been floating on a personal little bedtime? cloud.thank you!

  9. Maddie Higgins says:

    After listening to countless amounts of meditation music… This is by far the most amazing and effective one I have come across. A true breath of fresh air. What a magnificent gift received? to whoever experiences listening to this music!

  10. Courtney Rundell says:

    Still my? fave!

  11. Chris Gadzinski says:

    yeah, well, everything’s like a drug, if you think of? it like that. ;D

  12. Daniela Hazel says:

    meditating to this? is just beautiful :)

  13. Candice Du Toit says:

    brilliant…perfect? find. Good Work Thanks

  14. ghostbuster122 says:

    This is truly incredible, thank you!?

  15. Courtney Rundell says:

    I? love love love this one!!! It really sneaks up on you.

  16. kidhypeness says:

    this is like a drug man thats the hormones being released and secreting in my brain causing this? pleasure that drugs enduce naaaaarrrrly !!!

  17. Ace Joe says:

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  18. Evan Iovin says:

    loved? it

  19. Shea Sowers says:

    This is the first of these ‘-naural’ beats to actually? produce some sort of noticeable effect . I tried to explain the experience but I was stopped by a limit for characters on YouTube .. But this definitely gave me effects and I’ve listened to a few of these .

  20. LordPerique says:

    If these are binaural beats, isn’t it necessary for one to use headphones when listening??

  21. ColdspaceRs says:

    wtf it keeps stopping and buffering? !!!!

  22. bathroomDesignsIdeas says:

    Has? anyone bought this digital beat? software, looks pretty good


  23. Annabells117 says:

    I like this, but I find it too fast for entrainment. I like Ajad music for that, eg the Dolphins? program. How do you entrain to this faster music