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Brighton Babylon book to boost Brighton businesses.

London, England (PRWEB UK) 12 February 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9568038-5-6

Pages: 448pp

Date: 19th February 2013

Publisher: Dynasty Press Ltd

RRP: ?12.99

In Brighton and Hove on 17th February, 2013, the hottest ticket in town is going to be the massively overcrowded launch party of Brighton resident celebrity author Peter Jarrette’s eagerly anticipated new non-fiction book, Brighton Babylon. Early demand has been so great that an immediate reprint of the paperback is already in hand at Dynasty Press, and with the Kindle edition using Democrasoft’s award-winning interactive author/reader WeJit technology for the very first time in the UK Brighton Babylon will make a significant contribution to the global promotion of Brighton as a tourist destination. In its e-book version Jarrette’s enthralling stories about the city which have attracted such high praise from his author peers will become only the second in the world to incorporate the WeJIT interactive app.

Brighton is the natural home to a raft of international media and arts celebrities including Adele, David Walliams, Zoe Ball, Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), Marc Abraham, and Julie Burchill, many of whom will attend the launch party which will be filmed for Latest TV’s regular magazine show Brighton Lights. Latest Director Bill Smith is personally committed to the broadcast of the TV adaptation of Brighton Babylon that is currently in development and for which Jarrette is in discussion with production companies. ?The city is shortly to acquire its own local terrestrial Channel 8 TV station under Smith’s direction.?

Jarrette is a monthly diarist for Absolute Brighton Magazine and a contributor to the Trinidad publication Caribbean BELLE Magazine. He is also a member of a hugely popular BoneyM Tribute band that regularly tours Russia with the singer Chantal Brown, and the band will get together to close the book launch with a number of renditions of Boney M favourites. His dark humour and tales of the city, whose seaside economy relies heavily on tourism, will bring the fascinating attractions of Brighton to the attention of a whole new audience. Brighton rock has never tasted so good!

In Brighton Babylon Jarrette celebrates the global hub seaside city which has not lost the dark side which the work of Graham Greene and other acclaimed writers have made so renowned, far from it. While living in the faded Regency splendour of PK Heights, our author meets a motley crew of unsavoury hobos and bother boys; Yardie obsessed webmasters from nearby Crawley; mistakenly racist London hairdressers; strangely scripted market researchers; extemporised shorthaul cabin crew; pushy airline First Officers; politically incorrect new food emporia; a vengeful, crumbling, resort Pier and a locally obsessed, cat-mad press pack.

Jarrette will further develop some of his book’s themes via structured online conversations with his e-book readers. Using WeJITS they will communicate directly with the author and with each other, holding topic-based discussions on the web from within the ebook, and the author-embedded links include such core subjects as views on Brighton’s top attractions, the best way to reduce homelessness and Brighton’s Pride Festival.

Vibrant, exciting cities like Brighton with their corrupt underbelly are far from exclusive to Britain. It just happens that Brighton is a particularly good example of the many famous cities in the world that have a hub of underground activity where outcasts, drug dealers, sexual deviants and mobsters go to deal under a blanket of secrecy. Therefore, although his book is set in Brighton, its themes are universal and people all over the world can relate to them.

Brighton Babylon is available from Dynasty also on Amazon and Apples iBookstore.

For more information about Brighton Babylon and WeJITs please contact Roger Day at: executive(at)dynastypress(dot)co(dot)uk or call 0207 735 0506

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About Peter Jarrette

Peter Jarrette is a UK based internationally published author, artist, and magazine columnist (Absolute Brighton Magazine & Caribbean BELLE). He is the co-author of four children’s books published by Little Simon/Simon & Schuster. He trained as an editorial illustrator at Parsons Art & Design College in Manhattan.