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All the Light There Was: A New Novel by Nancy Kricorian

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 14, 2013

Nancy Kricorians All the Light There Was is a stunning novel about an Armenian familys struggle to survive the Nazi occupation of Paris in the 1940s. Meticulously researched and lyrically told, All the Light There Was is an unforgettable story of loyalty, love, and the many faces of resistance.

Against the fascinating backdrop of World War II-era France, All the Light There Was explores the Armenian immigrant experience through the eyes of a precocious young heroine. At the start of the Nazi occupation, fourteen-year-old Maral Pegorian is living with her family in Paris; like many others who survived the genocide in their homeland, theyve come here to build a new life. As the Nazis march down the Rue de Belleville, the adults brace for the suffering and oppression they know all too well, but to the children, its a new, bewildering experience. The story follows Maral, her brother Missak, and her beloved Zaven as they learn to fight and try to survive over seven harrowing years.

All the Light There Was shows us occupied Paris as weve never seen it before a would-be safe haven from persecution and genocide, tragically undermined by the Nazi occupation. Inspired by the life of resistance leader and Armenian Genocide survivor Missak Manouchian, Kricorian delved into the Armenian experience in Paris during World War II, interviewing survivors, including the last living member of Manouchians team. With a light hand and a poetic sensibility, Kricorian weaves her exhaustive historical research, her own Armenian heritage, and her lifelong commitment to human rights causes into this beautiful and haunting tale.

Solid and touching. Readers are instantly drawn into this world, full of hardships of wartime occupation and references to the Armenian genocide of the previous generation. Thanks to multifaceted characters, Kricorians treatment of family dynamics and love under extreme circumstances creates an emotional read.

Publishers Weekly

An important addition to the WWII fiction shelves, this is bound to spark discussion.


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All the Light There Was

A novel by Nancy Kricorian

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 978-0-547-93994-0, hardcover, 279 pp., $ 24.00; also available as an e-book

Nancy Kricorian, author of the novels Zabelle and Dreams of Bread and Fire, is a widely published essayist and activist. After graduating from Dartmouth, Nancy studied and worked in Paris before earning an MFA in writing at Columbia University. As an activist, she is involved with CODEPINK: Women for Peace and the Occupy Wall Street Global Justice Working Group. She lives in New York City.

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Victor Gulotta

Gulotta Communications, Inc.




A Conversation with Nancy Kricorian????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

*What inspired you to write All the Light There Was?

I came across a 1984 French documentary entitled Terrorists in Retirement (original title Des terroristes ? la retraite) that told the story of a French Communist Resistance network made up of immigrant workers. The networks leader was an Armenian poet named Missak Manouchian. In late 1943, the Germans arrested Manouchian and twenty-two members of his group, which was comprised of Eastern European Jews, Armenians, and Italian and Spanish refugees. The men were executed by firing squad at Mont Val?rien in February 1944. The sole woman was executed by beheading in Germany some months later.

After reading a little more about Missak Manouchian, an Armenian Genocide survivor who immigrated to France in 1925 when he was nineteen years old, I realized I had so many questions: How did the Armenian community of Paris live the four years of the Nazi occupation? What had it felt like for Genocide survivors who had rebuilt their lives in France to look out the window on German troops marching down the Rue de Belleville? All the Light There Was grew out of these questions.

*How did you come to meet these Armenians still living in Paris?

While researching the novel, I read voluminously about Paris during World War IImemoirs, histories, collections of letters, and novels written during the war and immediately afterwards. (I have the advantage of being able to read French.) Then I made several research trips to Paris during which I walked the streets of Belleville, and met with Armenians who had lived through the Occupation.

During my research trips, an Armenian friend named Hagop was my fixer, for which I am forever indebted. He located for me an Armenian woman who was seven years old when the German troops had marched down the Rue de Belleville. She told me how her family had briefly hidden one of her schoolmates whose family had been taken during the infamous Vel dHiv roundup of Jews in July 1942.

Hagop and I went to visit an Armenian nonagenarian who had been an amateur actor in the Parisian Armenian community theater and a member of the Hunchak (Communist) resistance. He repeated several times the story of an Allied bomb that had gone astray in his Paris neighborhood, upending a rabbit hutch and killing his wife. He repeated, almost in wonder, My wife was dead, but all the rabbits were still alive.

Hagop also arranged a meeting with Ars?ne Tchakarian, one of the last surviving members of the Manouchian Group, the Communist resistance network of immigrant workers immortalized in LAffiche Rouge. Tchakarian has devoted his life to documenting the work and the lives of his friend Missak Manouchian and other members of the Resistance who were executed by the Nazis at Mont Val?rien. These stories and many others were in my head as I sat down to write in the voice of Maral Pegorian.

*Are the characters based on real people?

In order to create the characters in my novels, I collect stories. Its like being a collage artist, or maybe more like a bird building a nest with twigs, grasses, old feathers, bits of twine, and other scraps. The principal characters in the novels are not direct representations of real peoplethey are composite and fictional characters.

*Was there anything that you learned in doing the research that surprised you?

Several things surprised me: one was hearing about Soviet Armenians who had ended up in the German Army; another was learning about the role that French entertainer Charles Aznavour and his family had played in the Resistance; and the third was how these two things were related.

Late in the Occupation, some Soviet Armenians appeared in Paris in German uniform. They were Soviet soldiers who had been captured on the battlefield and then held in P.O.W. camps in Poland under terrible conditions. They were pressed into the German Army, choosing the Wehrmacht over probable starvation. The Germans didnt trust them on the Eastern Front, so they were sent to France to work on the Atlantic wall. When these Armenians were given leave, they often came to Paris where the local community held cultural evenings to welcome them.

The Aznavour familys contribution to the Resistance was inviting these soldiers to their home and trying to convince them to desert the German Army. If they agreed, the Aznavours would give them civilian clothes and help them to go underground. Charles Aznavour, who was nineteen at the time, was responsible for the nighttime task of dumping the deserters boots and uniforms into the sewers of Paris.

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Childrens Short Story book Free Shipping ebook Kids Fiction Apple Mice Orange

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Jon Saboe Makes Popular Adventure Series Available as Complimentary DownloadsFor 5 Days Only

Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Novelist Jon Saboe has developed a strong cult following, solely on the basis of his two adventure narratives, The Days of Peleg and The Days of Lam?ch. Though the books have amassed passionate and outspoken fans, it is not enough for Saboe, whose greatest passion is for sharing his stories with as many eager readers as possible. As such, the author has decided to give away the books as free e-book downloads; both volumes in the series will be made available to readers in Kindle and Nook forms, for five days only. The promotion, sponsored by publisher Enoch Press, will last from January 24 through January 28.

According to Saboe, the impetus for the book giveaway is simply the desire to draw more readers into the Peleg and Lamech community. The great joy of writing and publishing these books has been seeing them take hold among so many readers, who have written me to express their interest and their gratitude, remarks Saboe. These are stories that resonate with peoplesometimes provoking thought and sometimes just entertaining. Indeed, The Days of Pelegfirst published in 2007resonated so deeply that Saboe was inundated with requests from readers, hungry for a follow-up. The Days of Lam?ch was released in 2011 as a prequel to the first book; now, Saboe has partnered with Enoch Press to expand his audience and invite more readers into the fold.

An IT professional by day, Saboe says his original conception of the books came from conversations he had with friends and co-workers about the origins of humankind. There is a tendency for modern men and women to look back on past civilizations and view them as primitive and foolish, explains Saboe. The idea of these books is that perhaps there was much more to these early cultures than meets the eyeand that maybe our entire conception of anthropology is skewed.

Though they may sound lofty in their thematic elements, Saboe assures readers that his books are anything but didactic or overly-intellectual. While I would love it if these books provoked some thought and generated some discussions, both entries in the series are adventure stories at heart, he remarks. Indeed, the author is proud to reflect on the critical notices his books have received, comparing them to the works of C.S. Lewis and Michael Crichton, as well as adventure films like National Treasure and the Indiana Jones movies.

Through this new promotion, Saboe desires to bring these adventures to his widest audience yet. I love the enthusiasm of my readers, and now, the goal is simply to see their numbers grow! he says. The Days of Peleg and The Days of Lam?ch are both in print and available from various retailers, including Amazon; electronic versions are free for download, on January 24 through January 28, through Enoch Press.


Jon Saboe is the author of two celebrated adventure novels, The Days of Peleg and The Days of Lam?ch. Saboes varied and imaginative writing draws inspiration from his eclectic life experience, which includes early studies in music as well as his current work in IT. Saboes work is best classified as historical fiction, with an emphasis on adventure and undercurrents of science fiction.

Randolph Lalonde – Crewcast Radio

Randolph Lalonde – Crewcast Radio

from Crewcast Radio

Price: USD 0
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Penelope Pardee – Down N Dirty Sexy Hot Adult Stories from the Street

Penelope Pardee – Down N Dirty Sexy Hot Adult Stories from the Street

from Down N Dirty Sexy Hot Adult Stories from the Street

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Age of Eve: Return of the Nephilim Is a New Romance Novel from BroadLit with a Paranormal Twist

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Fallen angels, voodoo magic, and intense passion combine in the first paranormal romance novel from Quantum Leap co-creator D. M. Pratt. BroadLit, a company introducing a new slant on romance, is publishing today, February 26, 2013, the first novel in award-winning D. M. Pratts new romantic thriller series Age of Eve: Return of the Nephilim. The series introduces readers to a passion of mythological proportions that will captivate the readers body, mind and soul. At BroadLits online romance hub a downloadable free chapter is available.

The first book in Ms. Pratts paranormal series introduces the heroine. Eve Dowling, a talented writer for a successful magazine that covers New Orleans society events, is leading an exciting life filled with friends, family and workuntil it is turned upside down by a fateful encounter with a stunningly handsome mystery man who ignites her most sensual fantasies. When Eve awakes naked, sexually ravaged and alone in the garden of one of New Orleans most historic homes, she begins her search to uncover who this mystery man really is. She tracks him through the dark side of Old Algiers with the aid of one of its most famous Voodoo priestesses to an abandoned sanitarium in the heart of the swamplands surrounding New Orleans. It is there she first confronts two creatures, first described in ancient Hebrew and Christian texts as the Nephilim or fallen sons of God, who vie to possess her body and soul and keep her from true love with her mystery man. Is Eves battle with the Nephilim to save her mystery loverand her own lifereal or imagined? Does Eve really hold a key to saving humanity from a loveless existence? Or is it all simply a nightmare dream? And Book One in this series is only the beginning.

Nancy Cushing-Jones, BroadLits Chief Publishing Officer, is pleased to announce this latest romance series acquisition. I had never heard of Nephilim until I read Ms. Pratts novel and now I hope to never meet a Nephilim in real lifemeeting two of them on the printed page is enough excitement for me!

According to Ms. Pratt, Female empowerment has been my battle cry since I started writing as a teen, and has continued throughout my professional writing career. I wrote several books and screenplays in the early 90s and was told that a female protagonist who didnt get saved by a man would never happen in reality, much less in a movie. I actually remember being asked when a guy was going to save her. Now much has changed thanks to the huge success of female driven, strong, heroine-based stories in literature and films today. Im thrilled by these changes because I believe women are the salvation of the planet.

Take the Nephilim pop quiz and read an interview with the author of Age of Eve on

Ms. Pratt is a five-time Emmy nominee, a Golden Globe nominee and short listed for the Academy Awards for her live action short film Girl Friends. She has received the Lillian Gish Award from Women in Film, The Angel Award, The Golden Block Award, and six B.E.N. Awards. As Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer for the ground-breaking series Quantum Leap television series Ms. Pratt wrote 25 episodes and co-wrote an additional 15 episodes. She made her directorial debut on Cora Unashamed for the BBCs Masterpiece Theatres The American Collection, which aired on both PBS and the BBC.

Age of Eve: Return of the Nephilim is now available for pre-order (at $ 8.99 ebook, $ 14.99 paperback) on all major e-retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, as well as on and on BroadLits own branded romance hub All BroadLit books are distributed by Perseus Books Constellation Services.


BroadLit is unique in that it brings to the market a combination of classic and new romance material through its many multi-media channels. BroadLits website hub,, is specifically designed for women looking for a little romance seasoned with humor. The site offers novels, stories, games, merchandise, contests, videos and other opportunities for building a strong community.

In addition to bringing back to life the assets of True Romance and True Love Magazines in the TruLOVE Collection series, BroadLit is also publishing original contemporary romance novels and mobile games for women. BroadLit is a Los Angeles based company launched by the owners of Broadthink, a boutique branding and new business development media company.

Media Contact

Stacia Kirby




Age of Eve: Return of the Nephilim

An Age of Eve Novel

Author: D. M. Pratt

Published by: BroadLit

Published: January 26, 2013

Fiction: Paranormal Romance


Price: $ 8.99 USD, $ 9.99 CAN

ISBN# 978-0-9859596-8-5


Price: $ 14.99

ISBN# 978-0-9859596-9-2

Mystery Series Set in Acapulco Launched with Release of Cliff Diver

Sterling, Va (PRWEB) March 07, 2013

Carmen Amato, an established author who divides her time between the United States and Central America, just released the first novel in the new Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco, Mexico, the city recently reported to be the second most violent in the world. Featuring the first and only female police detective in Acapulco, Cliff Diver is available at in print and ebook formats to take both Detective Emilia Cruz and readers of this edgy police procedural into the heart of Mexicos drug war.

Youre a good cop, Cruz. The kind that die young. The words of Acapulcos fictional police chief exemplify the tone of the new Emilia Cruz series. In Cliff Diver, Emilia investigates the murder of her corrupt police lieutenant and becomes the target of a high-stakes political power play as well as resentment from male detectives. Missing police files, links to a past kidnapping, and connections to a gang working for a drug cartel point the investigation in multiple directions. Under pressure from politicians, other cops, and the powerful police union, Emilia feels like Acapulcos famous cliff divers, plunging into suspense and praying not to crash on the rocks below.

As noted on Amazon, Amato has taken the classic mystery and given it a contemporary Mexican twist. The result is an adrenaline-charged novel with the emotional vibe of those who live on the edge. In addition, readers are already singing the praises of the novel and its strong central Latina character. On her website, Amato writes that she drew on contemporary Latina figures to shape the Emilia Cruz character, including Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza and Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

People who would like to read an excerpt from this riveting new mystery novel before purchasing Cliff Diver can find the first chapter on Amatos website. In the chapter, Emilia has a strange encounter with her lieutenant and meets hotel manager Kurt Rucker for the first time; over the course of the book her relationship with Rucker will both complicate Emilias investigation and help her to survive it.

In a guest article for, Amato discussed her 2012 political thriller The Hidden Light of Mexico City and how a chance encounter with a junkie in Mexico City became the spark that led to the Emilia Cruz series. Concerned about the toll that drug violence is taking on Mexico, Amato hopes that a mystery series can raise awareness of what’s going on in Mexico, with plot elements straight out of the headlines, an authentic dive into one of the most beautiful settings on earth, and a little salsa fresca from my own years living in Mexico and Central America.

Print ISBN-13: 978-1482308044

316 pages

$ 12.99

ebook ISBN: 978-0-9853256-2-6

$ 2.99

About Carmen Amato:

Originally from New York, Carmen Amato is the author of political thriller The Hidden Light of Mexico City and the Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco. Her novels are sharp-edged stories that combine complex plots with characters and settings drawn from her experiences living in Mexico and Central America. Carmen currently divides her time between the United States and Central America but can always be reached on Twitter @CarmenConnects. For more information, please visit

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Shaun Farrell – Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Shaun Farrell – Adventures in SciFi Publishing

from Adventures in SciFi Publishing

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Triple Tale of Love, Death and Destiny Grips Fiction Fans in New Book

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

From the award-winning playwright Mary Casella, It Happened in the Pine Barrens is a compelling saga of love, death and destiny set in the heavily forested area of coastal plain stretching across southern New Jersey. Casellas newly published book transforms this Pinelands into a center of thrilling events that arouse the curiosity and excitement of fiction fans through three riveting stories: Snakes with Ruby Eyes, Love and Death in the Pines and Closure in the Pines.

Snakes with Ruby Eyes follows the mysterious turn of events in the life of Elizabeth Little. After the death of Catherine, her artist mother and owner of The Little Antic Shop, Beth strangely inherits a huge amount of cash and a long list of questions about her parents life. Stan Turner, who perseveringly pines for her love and affection, witnesses and supports Beth throughout her journey towards self-rediscovery.

Love and Death in the Pines picks up the story from where the first tale left off. It revolves around the entwined destinies of Dr. James Bradley, physician, and Dr. Meghan Malloy, an assistant art history professor. They met at the opening of The Pines Antique Shop (formally The Little Antic Shop). James was a friend of Meghan’s aunt. Meghan had created an art gallery in the shop to display the art work of Catherine Little. Both never knew that a chance encounter would lead them to love.

Closure in the Pines completes the trilogy in stunning fashion. James, who was secretly an FBI /Interpol agent, wants to resign from the department. His resignation is denied. While finalizing some cases, Meghan suddenly disappears. A manhunt ensues. Drug trafficking and gunfight also makes this final story a perfect closing salvo. However, as one of the characters aptly put it, There is no closure in the crime business.

Creatively blending fast-paced drama, mystery and romance with the slow-paced life in Pine Barrens, Casella has successfully put the place on the map for another remarkable reason. It Happened in the Pine Barrens is a book that leaves readers deeply satisfied yet eagerly longing for answers to more questions inherent in the saga.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

Mary Casella is an educator and an award-winning playwright (New Jersey State Council on the Arts). Mary Casellas latest endeavor is to translate some of her plays to novels. Written in the Sand is a novella that had its original life as her play, A Is For Andy. This play had a staged reading at the Urban Arts Theater in New York City, sponsored by the now defunct Forum of Italian American Playwrights (Past-President, Mario Fratti). Her personal claim to fame was she was chosen for a brief stay to be a visiting playwright at New York Citys acclaimed Actors Studio. Here a scene from Scampolo (her translation from the Italian) had a workshop presentation. Mary Casella is presently transcribing her play, Between First and Third. It had a full workshop production at The Players Guild of Leonia, the oldest continuous Community Theater in New Jersey.

It Happened in the Pine Barrens * by Mary Casella

Publication Date: November 19, 2012

Trade Paperback; $ 19.99; 133 pages; 978-1-4797-3763-5

Trade Hardback; $ 29.99; 133 pages; 978-1-4797-3764-2

eBook; $ 3.99; 978-1-4797-3765-9

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

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