September 19, 2017

Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, Cancer Cure w/out Chemicals

Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, Cancer Cure w/out Chemicals

Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, Cancer Cure w/out Chemicals The owner of Brave New Books discusses the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. This book discusses a little known substance called vitamin B17, which is present in some fruit seeds. It has been found that counties with B17 in their diet have very little cancer. The substance is used in some countries to treat cancer but it has been outlawed in the US by the FDA. The book discusses the history of the vitamin B17 and the cancer industry and why its outlawed in the US. Could it be that the multibillion dollar cancer industry doesnt want a cure for cancer because it would cut into the cancer and big pharma industries profits? Visit the Brave New Books Website; This video was produced by Psychetruth http Music by Jimmy Gelhaar Copyright © Target Public Media 2009. All Rights Reserved.
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Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, GMO Food, Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith The owner of Brave New Books discusses the book Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating by Jeffrey M. Smith. The Big Food industry likes to talk about the advantages of GMO foods and claims that they are harmless but whats the truth? Whats the history of GMO and what are the potential risk? For more Information visit the website; Visit the Brave New Books Website; http This video was produced by Psychetruth Music by Jimmy Gelhaar Copyright © Target Public Media 2010. All Rights Reserved.
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  1. mark200666 says:

    where can i get the real? seeds??

  2. joroma77 says:

    I think every grocery store should have a policy to GIVE away food when it’s getting? close to the expiration date, instead of trying to milk every dime and then actually throwing a fortune away when it expires. Better yet, stores should sell products for half price or less one day before the expiration date. They would reap A LOT of money and goodwill from this.

  3. joroma77 says:

    Try finding a health store with apricot seeds in? Sweden. It’s tough. Ordered a small package from across the border but the seeds weren’t as bitter as I had hoped. Years ago I bought a whole bag of them seeds and they were super bitter, and the skin of my face tingled when I ate one. Most health stores have bought the cyanide scare without researching.

  4. TheYarro says:

    I’m happy that altruism is still around. Too bad so? few saw this video.

  5. bmw200000 says:

    9/11 was? an inside job.

  6. Silenus6 says:

    Check out the documentaries: “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business”
    “Healing Cancer: From Inside Out” “Dying To Have Known” &? “Food Matters”

    TRUTH: The body needs infusions of vitamins and minerals, and not to be cut-up and flooded with toxins. The greatest medical invention of the 20th century is the JUICER. As you put less poisonous (processed and cooked) food into your body and more raw foods and vegetable juices, especially dark leafy greens,? you’ll be? amazed at your uncovered potential.

  7. 123MrSlick says:

    Its true, it cost tens of thousands for a person to travel from UK to USa FOR treatment, success rate is around 20% that the person will live for longer than a few years, not just cancer, cure for cold, the plaque of your teeth, think how much tubes of toothpaste it takes to get rid yet for private dentists cleaning? cost around £40 for a few minutes work if that, its more likely that the companies dont want to put the correct product out there as soon as everyone is treated wheres the money .con

  8. xlReGaRdLeSslx says:

    All i now is i eat alot of it and have never died/ felt sick from doing so now do i think it can cure cancer i dont know never had it, but preventing it i? think so.Almost everyone on my dads side eats lots of apples, core and seeds included and i only heard of a couple cousins of mine on his side getting cancer and i do not know forsure if they eat apples like the rest of us.

  9. poosaypirate says:

    well , in the olden days we used to talk about this magic thing called BIRTH CONTROL which seem so have gone out of fashion these days. that said the world population has been consistently quadrupling in every so often in the last 4 hundred years. think? about what you do with your crotch rather than what you THINK the big scary “elite” want to do to you

  10. poosaypirate says:

    no, it isnt?

  11. poosaypirate says:

    the problem there is the cyanide.
    thats why the developed the (spelling?=)laetrile in the first place i would assume – with any medication organic ? natural or what ever or western . the problem is the dosage and the standardization of that medicine
    nothing is so cut and dry and easy but of course theres greed in big pharma and kapitalism will repress anything it can get its greedy fingers on

  12. avenger391482 says:

    theres plenty of food. its the greed and evil? of people that prevent world peace

  13. xlReGaRdLeSslx says:

    Do not believe the people that say it will kill you i eat? apple seeds all the time same as my dad it contains the same stuff that is in the apricot kernels.

  14. igorbukhantsov says:

    On certein days, i brobably did eat more than 50 (not lying). I don’t really care about the pure form anyways, I eat lots of organ foods (not FDA approved organic, evil association) and I get a lot of b17 from other fruits……….. BTW, where did you read that B17 in pure? form can kill you, give me a link :)

  15. Nukefuzion says:

    Eat 50 more. I dare you.
    Also, I meant? the consumption of B17 in its pure form will KILL you.
    Apricot seeds only contain trace amounts of the varying harmful chemicals.

  16. igorbukhantsov says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about, Last summer, I went apricot picking (bucket fulls), ate at least 30-40? seeds a day, Didn’t die, didn’t have side effects, felt awesome :)

  17. igorbukhantsov says:

    25 a day and you are scared, My family and I went picking for some? apricots last summer, bucket-fulls,,, obviously we ate the seeds inside, I ate at least 30 a day (no joke) & felt no side effects at all ~just because it says on the web that you will get an overdose doesn’t you it is true :)

  18. Nukefuzion says:

    Consumption of? B17 may kill you indefinitely. It is cheap however…

  19. igorbukhantsov says:

    LOL? funny stuff there :)

  20. igorbukhantsov says:

    Let me guess, it probably costs? so much, but with B17, it’s extremely cheap, without all the technology (not against technology though)

  21. FLAWL35S says:

    Humans have been remarkably? resilient, innovative, and adaptive when faced with issues like overpopulation. For example, we have seen agricultural breakthroughs time after time just when it seems like everyone’s going to starve. However, the reasons why the elitists still insist on depopulation is quite the question… it seems fishy to me that the solution is automatically depopulate, without debate, when other options are being overlooked.

  22. myastroflight says:

    We don’t eat around apple and pear cores? any more. We eat the entire fruit.

  23. deadadelta says:

    see who is CONTROLLING us watch Films FIAT? EMPIRE

    they start WARS then FINANCE each side

  24. andrewbentley83 says:

    THE CURE FORE CANCER IS ENDANGER OF BEING LOST FOREVER!! Please research The GERSON THERAPY? in depth and help spread the word. Charlotte Gerson is getting old and needs us to carry out her fathers work. Please help and tell anyone you know that has cancer to watch “The Gerson Miracle” and continue your research from there!!!

  25. brokebackbenji says:

    Hemp oil cures cancer, THC is an extremely strong anti cancerous substance. Check out Rick Simpsons documentary run from the cure.? His claims are backed up by the countless studies on marijuana that prove his claims true. Its not hard to learn these things switch off your T.V.’s and educate yourself.

  26. Rina19081 says:

    This is why preserving biodiversity is so important. This way we can produce enough food for a growing world population and can maintain healthy bees. However, I do disagree with most points in this video as research suggests that GMOs have no adverse effects and are just as nutritional as conventional food. The fact that you DONT? need to use pesticides also only helps the bees.

  27. stevin47 says:

    i got a question any help… does any one think seeds designed to? only produce once and last longer and produce diff chems, might have any thing to do with the dying off of bee colonys…. the polon from these are their food …

  28. dragonseptor says:

    Amen? bro!

  29. Elvception1979 says:

    Sorry to bust ur bubble …? this may sound crazy but even the “moon landings” are apart of the grand agenda and Think about it for a minute how many satelites do we have in space rite now? tits for the weaponization of outer space its all apart of the grand scheme remember the global elites have been planning this for years. Their trying to create a prison planet and it started with the moon landings.

  30. xxeu4riaxx says:

    that angel at the end under the sun was freaky :O
    and that? owl loll…

  31. kikibortok says:

    GMO food is nothing more the a way to control food supplies like they? did with oil.Patented seeds with the help of WTO = royalties and exclusivity.In short: it is a weapon to control the economy,the politics and the peoples with the menace of starvations if they dont cooperates.You disagree ? Then no seeds and foods!

  32. IronwillNeo says:

    guys . . really, only thing I really believe is that the guys with money dont give a shit if everyone else live or die. like someone that sell cocaine to others. he really dont care too much if the other person live or die as far as the others give him all the money before. the guys with money also think like that. if they can rise their money, their profits, they really dont give a shit to if we all live or die and how we? live as far as they get their money.

  33. RandyBful1 says:

    There’s no “theory”? involved. The corporations want to control the planet…and they have a really good head start!

  34. mechanicalbu11 says:

    immunize against pregnancy so you can catch a baby. this guy Bill Gates sees life? (other then his own) as bad.

  35. doNOTvoteCAMPAIGN says:

    I don’t think you can write off carefully reported research as a ‘crappy? book’. You’d have to at least read it first and comment upon the contents, surely? Also, you need to learn another adjective.

  36. doNOTvoteCAMPAIGN says:

    Sadly you can? demand that b ut it might be too late to find it anywhere. They’ve been messing with seeds for decades

  37. dragonseptor says:

    Bill Gates says world population can be decreased by 15% with the use of vaccines
    check out it out. How that will? be done he does not detail he also gave millions in vaccine research. Those are facts!

  38. crazyknight2008 says:

    who is this guy? what does MOLON sand for and why are there 2 machine guns crossed? on his shirt? …. is he promoting abook? ….. off to eat some GMO food :)

  39. mechanicalbu11 says:

    Demand GPO’s! Genetically? Pure Organisms


    This guy is speaking truth, are you Fed or a paid Monsanto agent,? or are just blind and stupid? I think its the latter.

  41. jmeli99 says:

    Seriously, this guy is talking crap!? Just an advertisement for a crappy book. Even his t-shirt is crappy :-)

  42. skb0rzn says:

    I love the psychetruth chan. Thank you all for reporting and? expanding our understanding and educations. I am a big supporter.

  43. BakersBoyz says:

    Thanks for sharing the information? …

  44. Lavere2009 says:

    Didn’t need a book to tell me GMO foods were bad, its just a? bad idea altering anything geneticaly without knowing the full effects of doing so.

  45. Irm6001 says:

    grow? your own and then a chem trail goes over and what do you end up with.hmmmmmm

  46. inspirediam says:

    PS:? In the meantime, I plan to start growing my own foods. Never thought I would be into that sort of thing, but it could be fun for me and my little ones to do. :D

  47. inspirediam says:

    Have faith. You are right about your? concerns. Have faith. I believe the good shall prevail. ~Namaste

  48. dented81 says:

    the? sky is falling

  49. superjew1000 says:

    Grow your own food best soulution any shit touched by corperate is ruined!?