September 19, 2017

Free BEST SELLER eBooks and Magazines (for iPad / Kindle / iPhone / iPod Touch / Etc.)

This video is showing you how to get actual GOOD books for you iOS device, kindle or what ever ebook reader you may have. I hope you guys enjoy! Second Channel: Twitter:


  1. BlueJayTutorials says:


  2. ShannonWheeler6 says:

    Hi !
    I have downloaded calibre and when I? attempt to drag over books from ebook3000 I am getting an error message “failed to read metadata” What am I doing wrong ?
    There are files with PDF and EPUB – I am even having issues attempting to copy both types

  3. SteeveAngelo says:


  4. ellyshirvell says:

    @BrentLarryproduction what is it called, like? the link. because i also use thepiratebay

  5. zproduction2244 says:

    what is the magazine site? you tell the book one but not the other site what is the? link?

  6. dikudiku123 says:

    hey………THIS IS AWESOME!!!


  7. ldimples1566 says:

    I can’t get this to work on my PC. The down load? does not allow me to click on it.

  8. Carlitosdabest30 says:

    nice video man!
    i was actually? hoping if you could tell us the name of the packet or give us a link or something.
    thumbs up so he can see!

  9. chris24027 says:

    @BrentLarryproduction thank you so much. borders used to be my primary source and? when they closed i thought id have to go to a library.

  10. xXxAndrEzhItOxXx4 says:

    how do you convert them??? and that calibre program???? what the hell? i don’t understand!!! Please answer!!!! thanks

  11. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @lrmlrm97 No, just download? any books and convert them if necessary :)

  12. @BrentLarryproduction? Do you remember the name of it?

  13. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @lrmlrm97 I got them for thepiratebay (dot) org

    and Thanks and yeah :/ lol srry? hahah

  14. You said you downloaded a packet with all of those ebooks. Where did you get them?

    Btw, great video, exept a lot of unnecessary comentary. Still told me what I needed to do, though? :]

  15. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @TheMw2maniac ohh, kk good to know! I’m always interested in what videos made them subscribe to my vids :P Thanks though! I’ll try working on? one ASAP :)

  16. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @TheMw2maniac ohh, kk good to know! I’m always interested in what videos made them subscribe to? my vids :P Thanks though! I’ll try working on one ASAP :)

  17. TheMw2maniac says:

    @BrentLarryproduction no, haha ive been subscribed i subscribed because of this? but i really like the commentarys

  18. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @TheMw2maniac sorry if you subscribed just for the gameplay, I haven’t gamed in a while first of all because of intense schooling right now haha and this is just my natural video? style. So stayed subbed and wait up, they’re coming eventually :P

  19. TheMw2maniac says:

    Black ops commentary?

  20. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @NickNackNation :) ?

  21. NickNackNation says:

    ive been doing this for a while its really usefull and its good? your letting more people know about this.

  22. BrentLarryproduction says:

    @ExodusPvM :D your welcome! It is for me anyways :P Still not? my favourite pass time though lol

  23. ty =o reading? might be more fun now