September 24, 2017

How to install Crossfire- For Free

How to install Crossfire- For Free

This is a video on how to download and install CrossFire there is also a little gameplay. I hope you like it! Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! ——————————————————————————– *IS NOT COMBAT ARMS *IS BETTER THAN COMBAT ARMS *IS NOT COUNTER-STRIKE *IS BETTER THAN COUNTER STRIKE *IT’S NOT BETTER THAN AVA CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK OVER THE GAME AND DOWNLOAD IT! ——————————————————————————– 1st: Go to 2nd: Register & Dowloand 3rd: Install -( This might take more time than download) 4th: PLAY! ——————————————————————————–
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  1. darthcool111 says:

    Yes the game have zombies and I tHINK THAT CROSSFIRE IS? BETTER THAN A.V.A!!!!

  2. desenderofmyself says:

    @Huzewaze343 try my? newest video on how to install crossfire, /watch?v=Wj4mAYsvIBY

  3. Huzewaze343 says:

    Please help me when i try? installing it the installer comes up in full japanese and i cant understand it

  4. kingmonico says:

    does this have? zombie mode?

  5. 911nohope says:

    @UchihaSasukeNaruto1 The game doesn’t have viruses.Disable your? antivirus while downloading it and turn it back on again if your finished.

  6. desenderofmyself says:

    @UchihaSasukeNaruto1 Actually, I thought so too because when I wanted to download it it my internet security didn’t let me download it. I took it off? for a little, came back. Scanned it and it had no viruses.

  7. UchihaSasukeNaruto1 says:

    the game? have virrus

  8. killerthe3rd says:

    HElp me please, WHenever I Download it, It says “Problem Contacting Installer”, What do I do?

  9. desenderofmyself says:

    @bullman123100 I don’t know man, it should work… check my new video on how to? install crossfire, I hope it’s more clear and it helps

  10. bullman123100 says:

    @desenderofmyself excuse what if when i tried to log in, then it says i? cant…..

  11. desenderofmyself says:

    @JRnacuray ??

  12. JRnacuray says:

    how many times? to download

  13. desenderofmyself says:

    @MsBangora my? internet is kind of boss ;)

  14. MsBangora says:

    WTF did it really took? you 5min? mannnn mine took me like 2hrs and still unfinished because im stuck in the Auto Patch and keep saying that something was detected

  15. desenderofmyself says:

    @08killerkill can you watch my newest? video on how to install it? hopefully it helps

  16. 08killerkill says:

    when i run cross fire it says failed to download .ini.??? why does it happens?


  17. 08killerkill says:

    hey the problem here is when? i run it it closes …why?

  18. desenderofmyself says:

    @McHeadphones? 512mb

  19. McHeadphones says:

    Is the file a GB or? MB?

  20. desenderofmyself says:

    @spider8828 lol look when I? posted this?

  21. spider8828 says:

    lol you hit puberty and you still? play adventure quest?

  22. DirtyT3am says:

    same? her dude same her

  23. dudusoldier1 says:

    when i log in that says this service is? not available in your region. what should i do?

  24. desenderofmyself says:

    @brants00709? forum.z8games(dot)com go there and look for an answer

  25. brants00709 says:

    help me i start game and when i try to log? in it says this game is not aivable in your region what should i do?