October 22, 2017

Interactive ebook for kids! Why I love… My School!

www.euronews.com Sales of digital books are on the up in Italy. At the 25th edition of the International Book Fair in Turin it was clear that the paper-free book is here to stay; last year Italy’s e-book economy was nine times larger than in 2010. Does this mean we are moving towards the end of traditional books? Find us on: Youtube bit.ly Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter twitter.com
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  2. Tom Heatherington says:

    In modern day society, people must make the decision of whether they want to read a hard copy of a book or an? electronic copy of a book. eBooks offer portability and convenience. Even though we have electronic technology that allows us to view many books using only one device, traditional books are tough to replace for a variety of reasons.

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    Ex-Spain PM: Putin told me ‘Israel will take care of Iran’

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