September 23, 2017

Introducing Google eBooks

It’s time to set your reading free. Google eBooks is all about choice, so you can use any device you own to read any book, anywhere.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Mohit Sharma says:

    I love googling on Google :) ?

  2. 1:25? …

  3. AlejandroVariedad says:

    this is one other think what i love from google and its another think what i cant test or use cause is? not able on my country (mexico) :’(

  4. samir akarid says:

    this blog offers free ebooks

  5. MineandCrafty says:

    Once you start watching? google’s videos, you can’t stop.

  6. Kiran Singh says:

    fantastic would like to browse? all

  7. ASIT SAHA says:

    Really thankful to? the Google team for introducing new devise e-book facility.

  8. rohit jolly says:

    Unlimited eBook downloading membership site which allows its members to choose from? thousands of eBooks, Newspapers, Comic Books and more…premium quality at premium price
    checkout this::lksk.in5856

  9. codemonkey2011 says:

    Not available in my country? :(

  10. Newest eBooks? here ..

  11. Yeah I love EBooks I also read plenty of them, and one that I’m reading now is “How to overcome fear, and start living fearless” that I just? got for my kindle I highly recommend it for you all to read I got it from Amazon this is really life changing, and it’ll help you greatly!

  12. AndroidAppsMegaFiles says:

    check out? gigadownloadsite — yes check it?

  13. Chirag Dodiya says:

    Crap… not yet available in my? country…

  14. David Meakin says:

    You should be able to import your ebooks bought? from other companies like you can with amazon and apple.

  15. Go to
    Many many new books,the lowest price!!
    I think it is? the best!!

  16. WalterWolf9999 says:

  17. Matthew Thompson says:

    Just fuck off.?

  18. JBMusic93 says:

    i LOVE? Google

  19. Paulo Pava?i? says:

    racists, racists everywhere, not available in my country!?

  20. ebookconversion says:

    Google? ebook is the must one for all authors and publishers. I love the features of the google ebook..

  21. IRUSIpanzermaster says:

    0:46 too bad its not for kindle? :(

  22. jeuel venturina says:

    I have a downloadable library? of ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, icons, fonts and many more! :)

    It has thousands of resources and continuously growing! :)

    Only for $55! :)


  24. Farmington Ranger says:

    I would move.?

  25. fabianorb74 says:

    Not available in? Brazil ?!!!

  26. Brydon Medeiros says:

    thanks for this info man. got it? all planned out and started it off with my first workout about an hour ago. going to follow this for my 2 weeks summer vaca :)

  27. Brydon Medeiros says:

    thanks for this info man. got it all planned out and started? it off with my first workout about an hour ago. going to follow this for my 2 weeks summer vaca :)

  28. Ironyalone86 says:

    Thanks? Elliot

  29. Fooshes Haas says:

    Your Chin? Strap looks retardted…

  30. Yo Elliot in my country its summer year round I dont have? a chance to bulk up and then cut like you can in the US will trying to stay lean throughout slow my progress?

  31. StayFitByBobby says:

    Looking? ripped Elliott ;)

  32. cody grummett says:

    Rapid body transformation is as easy as this, cut carbs, stick to a good multi vitamins because carbs are full of vitamins and minerals, up? your protein/amino intake, and up your good fats ie omegas unsaturated fats, as you reduce calories, may want some fiber in there too if you’re on the can half the day

  33. skillageproductionz says:

    If or when he replies, send me an message too please! I? don’t think mine are going in, but the exercises would be good

  34. WaddUpBru says:

    worst e-book ever, dude recommends not doing squats/training? legs……OK BRO

  35. both..?

  36. Dana Hemmingmoore says:

    How often are you trying to work out? You look pretty strong, and if? your forearms are weak compared to your bi’s/whatever you’re working, then they take a beating really fast. Give yourself at least 6 days between workouts using your forearms, and if that doesn’t fix it then get a massage and have them focus on your forearms a lot.
    - damnsexyyou’com

  37. Pablo Aaron says:

    By the time that guy reads the book his? spring break will be over.

  38. iron5001mike says:

    what’s the best form of cardio after weight training.? walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes or 10 – 15 minutes of HIIT

  39. mark tenyakov says:

    yo elliot…so i started working? out and i was doing great, then out of no where my forearms started hurting when i do curls or basically pick up anything heavy..its been over a month and i cant do any upper body workout except pushups and it sucks ass…please respond to this if you have any idea why i have this problem and how i could fix it, thanks

  40. thanewnotion says:

    ELLIOT uses? SPOTIFY……LOL…me too

  41. Armin Teimoori says:

    there is 1000s of question like this? on his videos. and the answer to all of them is search his channel. the man has 650 videos up. hes answered that question multiple times. C’MONNNN MANNNN

  42. Boris theBlade says:

    Elliott, whats your opinion on the best way? to lose fat, while losing little muscle/strength, from your experience?

  43. front squats?

  44. james Dobbs says:

    Could I buy the? books and a T-shirt if I don’t like in the USA?

  45. Greg Dawe says:

    i was gonna say something but you just summed it? up

  46. RyzingTerror says:

    Elliot what? can i do to stop leaning forward during squats

  47. collegiatefreak says:

    Thanks Elliott, I’ll? give it a look

  48. TheShotgunSaint says:


  49. Ameer Ahmed says:

    Pause at? 1:40 ! Lmao!

  50. Explodingtraps says:

    yo elliott! I have been having pain in my lower back & upper buttock, i am told by a friend who is a massage therapist that my piriformis muscle is strangling my sciatic nerve, he gave me some stretches which help but not sure about weight training again, any suggestions on excercises i can do to strengthen or fix that problem, thx?