September 24, 2017

John Denver – Country Roads – Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons on Acoustic – How to play

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  1. yup

  2. Pranit Naik says:

    Hey marty…thx …..something i always wanted to? learn….one of my favorites!!!

  3. Michael Grylin says:

    Anyone wanna learn this fingerstyle? Check out my channel? for a vid and tabs!

  4. Buenisimi?

  5. ???? ??????????? says:


  6. sticks1215 says:

    Marty! ? Thanks for the lesson! I have a story like that randomly meeting Bob Hope. He was smiling away while he talked to us. The one thing I remember is when I was 13 and 5′ 7″ I felt like I towered over him!

  7. thelbmaster says:

    i was thinking the same thing?:D?

  8. Thanks Marty! Exactly what I was looking for :-) ? You’re the best!

  9. jacksoncaleb1 says:

    Any song? I want Marty has it thanks Marty

  10. Conquerorbrown says:

    thanx sir

  11. Simon Grounsell says:

    No it’d tune your guitar down a half step, full step etc depending where you put it. Generally not a good idea. if you put? it second fret and tuned to standard youd have a whole step down if you follow

  12. Andrew Viger says:

    you should be strumming the bass chords E and the A? either on an open D chord

  13. kainmcbain says:

    A stupid question maybe but can? you still tune the strings with the capo on?

  14. haleluja jaja says:

    may the capo be with you

  15. boniverify says:

    hi marty, im now playing guitar for nearly 2 years. i think this was my first song. i want to thank you for? all that great stuff ive learnd from you. now i can thinks like stairway to heaven, slow dancing in a burning room or cant stop and ive even spent all my money for a new guitar and a new amp. so thanks a lot marty. i hadnt ever imagined that i could play that much things.

  16. JLFreestyle says:

    Ur so awesome!

  17. fatlarrysband35 says:

    thanks? marty your a ledgend
    i have a request could you possibly cover john denvers annie in fingerpicking

  18. Dustin Kirk says:

    So grateful for you teaching me this song. I am from WV born and raised and this is like our theme song! It gets played at the end of every Mountaineer football game! And getting to meet John Denver had to be such an honor and privilege! ?

  19. Markus Copa says:

    yes ! good? country mysic

  20. Daniel F. Bjordammen says:

    My D is kinda silent because of the bass. what am I doing wrong??

  21. ???????????? ????????? says:


  22. MaoTseMetin says:

    :D ?

  23. Horst Buchelt says:

    der beste Gitarrenlehrer ever :-)
    immer verf├╝gbar? !

  24. ????????? ?????????? says:


  25. Coman Gabriel says:

    super as always…. :D ?