October 22, 2017

Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away – Acoustic Guitar lesson – How to Play

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Jack Johnson - You and Your Heart - Super Easy Beginner Songs on acoustic guitar lesson

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  1. me too!?

  2. MeowHead88 says:

    DUDE, We’re ready for the next one! Please don’t just disregard part 2! Its so unfair you only put part one up and not part 2! Don’t leave us hangin! I’m not gonna? stop buggin ya til you put up part 2! Comon man its been 2 weeks!

  3. Dude Marty you? have lost some weight homie. Thanks again for a badass lesson.

  4. marty? you are the man and the reason that i am getting better at guitar

  5. One of my all time favourite songs !
    Thanks a bunch man, keep em commin.
    Ready for the next part though, i? want to complete the song correctly . . .

  6. hey marty u look like Lee Dewyze the winner of american idol season 9~!?

  7. hey thanks a? bunch marty it really helped me clear some stuff up cuz i had the basic riff down but now i got it down perfect thanks to your video. rock on

  8. wpatinoxbx8 says:

    When is the next one? coming??

  9. shoulderoforion says:

    Marty I just “thumbed-Up” the lesson and see there’s 212 ups without a dweeb being negative. THAT is unbelievable! U R a very talented teacher? and deserve such a tribute. Thanks for the lesson!

  10. JonnyBlahBlah says:

    Technically a trill is that technique but? repeated several times

  11. samlovemetal says:

    Marty! Thank you so much man, ive been asking for this one? for a few months, i dont know if i had any influence, but regardless… good looking out.

  12. MeowHead88 says:

    When are you going to put up part? 2????

  13. Basesloaded4 says:

    thanks marty
    you have a good? soul

  14. Mojo Risin says:

    Marty, I love you.?

  15. Martin Califano says:

    Hey Marty, great lesson – i’m ready for? the next one :D

  16. lobotomymaniack says:

    marty i’m ready for the next part brill song thanks for showing everyone how to play it. its much easier to play than it sounds. :)
    (when you play? it)
    once again thanks.

  17. ScotttCambo says:

    Did anybody else see? the subliminal message : P Good lesson

  18. mocatmancb says:

    hammer on would not be the? same, cause you would not have the open note before the hammered note. on pull off you would just get the open note, missing the fretted note coming before the pull off. do it like he tells you to, marty is the man.

  19. micksmastercosmo says:

    Marty- great lesson as always.? My finger is ready to fall off after learning this over the last 3 hours. Post the remainder soon and keep up the great work!

  20. felipe zacarias says:

    one of your best? vids

  21. mrsixstringbum says:

    nice job on the vid marty. i was wondering if its ok to do? a pull of or hammer on with out picking the string cuase it pretty much sounds the same. tell me wut u think.. once again nice job cant wait for the next part!!

  22. Supernanar69 says:

    Very good lesson? !
    Thanks for partage ;-)

    EXCELLENT ! Very good song

  23. CRAIGARRR says:

    You ROCK Marty!! I was just asking my friend who is now a guitar instructor how the hell you do a pull off without ripping the pads off your fingers!! I have your Blues guitar series Marty and you show how to do a hammer on / pull off? and I tried it till my fingers bled LOL.. My friend who is a major Zepplin fan told me this is how he learned how to do Hammer on/pull offs when he first started playing! So not only will this teach me a cool Zep tune but techniques in playing blues riffs! U ROCK!

  24. ninjanir16 says:

    Marty youre? the man!

  25. jlee3239 says:

    Hey Marty? what kind of strings do you use?

  26. Lloydieg12 says:

    Thanks Marty!!! Love the rhythm for this? song.

  27. Felix Z says:

    Love the Violent Femmes reference

  28. Derek Devries says:

    Oh my God! I? can play this song now!

  29. Ethan DeMille says:

    awesome? lesson!!!!!! keep making vids

  30. Franco Zardo Legnaghi says:

    very nice? dude!!

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  35. KingEldo3 says:

    JAck doesnt? play chords…..

  36. MinimalSpain2012 says:

    thank you for existing! u are a great? motivator to guitar players, specialy beginners, great song selection…u rock!!

  37. never played guitar in my life trying? to learn this song

  38. Donald Smith says:

    he usually tries to not do bar chords? because a lot of beginners can’t do bar chords

  39. Garrett Taylor says:

    You make my life? so much easier

  40. Michael Yoo says:

    Do a acoustic lesson? for sail by AWOLNATION

  41. iam enigmatyk says:

    He never said he was? capable of it

  42. if you were capable of playing it the way? jack does, you shouldn’t need a video…

  43. 64CRUNCH64 says:

    i didnt get? that book :(

  44. tatamagetayoneuuuiee says:

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  45. ItalianMafia36 says:

    Jack plays it lower on the neck of the guitar and? he said it is similar to Who Knows by Jimi Hendrix. Marty can you redo this tutorial to make it more like jacks? heres him playing it /watch?v=sJ5ROm-71rk&feature=related

  46. jackjohnsonfreak21 says:

    he rakes it. he doesn’t play chords? in that song. sorry?

  47. Aram Puig says:

    stop the vid at 0:32, he looks? so fuckin high! haha

  48. seamaster8513 says:

    Thank you for your? work:-)great

  49. ZakIsMagic says:

    Hi Marty! could you teach “Constellations” by jack Johnson and “Muve on ” by Jet?? thank you for your work! you’re great!

  50. Kyla Rounds says:

    LOL AT 8:28 with the Violent Femmes yesss haha with the clapping too!? GOSH DARN I LOVE YOU MARTYYYY =D