September 23, 2017

Local libraries adapting to increase in e-book users

Local libraries adapting to increase in e-book users
According to a study by the Pew Research Center, e-book users are on the rise, causing many libraries to consider how to stay relevant in an age of technology that is easily accessible and often free. In the last year, the percentage of e-book readers …
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How to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to borrow ebooks from the library
Borrowing an ebook: Browsing the online library of ebooks is the same experience for all e-eaders. You will select a book via your browser. I found that using Safari for OS X and iOS work just fine for this. Once you associate your library account with …
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Macmillan tests selling e-books to libraries in two-year stretches
Major publishers are taking wildly different approaches to resolving the woes surrounding e-book lending at libraries: they're experimenting with both the short-yet-cheap subscription as well as an expensive option to pay only once for perpetual use.
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