October 22, 2017

Make Music how to play Acoustic guitar cool new chords rhythms melody strum patterns lesson

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  1. hey I have a question. You guys are like the compendium of guitar so the “quick” question I have,? is how do you make your own rhythms if you know complex chords..like I don’t know chord names but I know the fingerings for chords and I wanna know how to make a catchy “original” rhythm without learning like basic strums…I’m stuck on strums..and I need some help in re-inventing the wheel when it comes to rhythm…I’m heavily inspired by Chris Cornell’s unique rhythm guitar playing. Thanks!

  2. Emily Stone says:

    Hello there! :) I’m about to buy Washburn’s WD10CE? electro-acoustic guitar. :) I’m a biginner so I hope you could help me out and tell me if that guitar is good for playing and learning! :)
    Thank you! :)

  3. The? intro piece sounds so similar to Anastasia of Slash’s new record!

  4. rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi – my bad on that tabbing you are right – that Em chord Im playing is 079980
    Thanks? for catching that – you rock!
    Take care
    -David T

  5. Great lesson Dave…..thanks. I bet those chords would sound awesome? on a 12 string acoustic.

  6. MiloŇ° Miljkovi? says:

    Great lesson! I really enjoyed playing these new chords.? Thanks, Dave!

  7. MiloŇ° Miljkovi? says:

    You’re right,? I noticed that too.

  8. waseem sabjee says:

    These Chords sound great on? DROP-C as well

  9. brent akoname says:

    u look like dirk nowitzki?

  10. sherriandalan says:

    Great lesson David,? thank you.

  11. BalancedFrequencyz says:

    Save? all your love

  12. kevin druve says:

    great lesson as always? keep them comeing ,you rock

  13. kevin druve says:

    if you know your notes? on the guitar then there is no problem

  14. delahouzzzze says:

    The image at 1:45 is wrong. It says Em 057760 but his hands? are on 079980. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  15. AntivirusNation says:

    sounds? like hey you by pink floyd!

  16. Jake Baynum says:

    I thought you were going to say Space Oddity for the song with the F#7add11? chord.

  17. CobaltRaine says:

    I really enjoy the chord lessons, you showed us that G chord in the last lesson I remember watching like this along with an F? and an A chord with the same fingering. Helped me to write a cool little love song. Please keep ‘em coming. Thanks.

  18. rockongoodpeople says:

    HAH! Thats funny! Any dog will do!
    rock on!
    -David T?

  19. great? white : save your love …… thx , been looking for these chords !!

  20. Fender Man says:

    Good Stuff…God? Bless!!!

  21. bulltastik says:

    David Taub you’re awesome…great lesson! Any chance you’d share your knowledge base, ie=years playing, lessons, formal? music education? Just curious, thanks!

  22. i think some of that stuff kinda sounds like ELP’s “From the? beginning”

  23. Luis Sanchez says:

    thanks so much … its a pleasure how u understand music.? mind opening

  24. lightninglegs23 says:

    One little mistake on the chord? boxes, the Em should be 079980

  25. Brilliant!!!!?