September 19, 2017

My Favourite Non-Fiction Books!

So here are my favorite non-fiction books! I love to learn, so non-fiction is perfect for me – it keeps me well informed for this channel too, which is good for you subbies ? Other books that almost made the list: Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn, The Ultimate Guide to Self Sufficiency by John Seymour and the Etiquette Handbook by Barbara Cartland. And if you want to see written health and cookbook reviews check out: Keep in touch via my channel, the comment box below, my formspring (alissaevelyn), my twitter (alissaloves) or my blog (
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My five favorite non-fiction books Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Marching Through Georgia by Lee Kennett Franklin & Winston by Jon Meacham Massacre at the Palace by Jonathan Gregson Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War by GFR Henderson


  1. dolly1740 says:

    Just found your channel. I am here in the US, and love hearing you talk, and the good books you? are recommending. Thank you

  2. MysteryoftheGods says:

    I hope you got over? that cold :) !!

  3. RRRRapify says:

    AMY Adams, i mean. The one from? leap year : )

  4. RRRRapify says:

    I’m not sure how? i ended up in here(I was searching top novels), but i just wanted to say that you look like ama adams.

  5. bookconsumption says:

    Cool I just finished two weeks ago or so. I? loved it; very compelling. There’s a quick review on my homepage of it if you’re interested.

  6. notjustapples says:

    @bookconsumption not yet -? it’s on my amazon wishlist though!

  7. bookconsumption says:

    Wow that’s great, I love John Robbins. I ordered healthy at 100 just yesterday and plan on doing a review on it? as well once I finish reading it. Have you read Whitewash by Joseph Keon?

  8. alissaevelyn says:

    @Cal212008 i? have found it to be so so helpful! enjoy :)

  9. Cal212008 says:

    I just read the video description and answered my own question. I’ll check out Dr.? Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions. Thanks!

  10. Cal212008 says:

    @alissaevelyn Kind of off topic but mother also has diabetes. I was wondering if you’d? make a video review of some tasty-diabetic friendly recipies? I’m trying to encourage her to eat more healthful foods. If the video is too much effort then you and I could just discuss it over dinner. Seeing as you’re “happily single” haha.

  11. idahoapril says:

    Healthy series book suggestion: Tired of Being Tired by J.? L. Hanley

  12. ItsMayowa says:

    Can u? pls do more beauty related videos? ..thanks ;)

  13. alissaevelyn says:

    @eiman52 i have? already – check it out on my channel page :)

  14. alissaevelyn says:

    @KatrinaKingsOfLeon i am not. i? am currently happily single, with a very supportive family and good group of friends :)

  15. alissaevelyn says:

    @katiecullenx3 that is a? great question! and i really don’t know the answer. i would like to think so, but maybe not… my life and personality would definitely be very different without diabetes that’s for sure.

    all the best for your new diet! any more questions, feel free to ask…

  16. marysorandom says:

    I love this! The Happiness Project is life changing, or at least it was for? me. :) I just love your videos.

  17. sophiarentzing says:

    My favourite non-fiction book is? the Bible :-)

  18. can you do a fiction? favourite video

  19. KatrinaKingsOfLeon says:

    Are you in a relationship? this may? seem like a strange question but it has to do with the happiness project book…

  20. PeachPetal21 says:

    could you do deep review on japanese skincare revolution ? what’s main assumptions it has… because I’m thinking? of buing these book :)

  21. katiecullenx3 says:

    i absolutely love jamie oliver. he’s so inspirational :) i’m starting now on a really healthy diet, nothing processed,? as many veggies as possible, and low carb, because i’m hyperglycemic, and there’s always concern of me developing diabetes. i look up to you in how healthy you eat and your healthy lifestyle! :)

    can i ask you a question? you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to, but do you think you would eat as healthily if you weren’t diabetic?

  22. ClaireyDishes says:

    You should check out Apples For Jam and Food From Many Greek Kitchens both of which are by Tessa Kirros. They are both utterly fabulous particularly the? latter.

  23. SpiralBookmark says:

    Great video. I love? non-fiction!

  24. @stratchic I have not read The Rape of Nanking but I am very familiar? with the history covered in the book. I haven’t read a book that the primary focus is Lincoln but I have read several books about the civil war that focus on Lincoln a good deal. But lots of great bios on Lincoln out there so you have plenty of books to pick from

  25. stratchic says:

    I’m interested in reading something over Lincoln. History is sort of tricky.? Many historians agree and disagree that this happened, or this is how it was to put it simply. Have you read The Rape of Nanking?

  26. yhctower says:

    @Harasezza Glad you enjoyed the video so much. Nope I haven’t read Chernow’s bio on Washington but if it is as good as the Hamilton bio then it will be a great read for? you.

  27. Harasezza says:

    Love this video! Great choices for nonfiction, Kyle. Have you ever read Chernow’s biography of Washington? I? have it on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I do the same thing as you with regards to rotating between nonfiction and fiction. People really are missing out if they don’t read nonfiction!