September 24, 2017

New Fiction Books from Scientist Author JJBrown

New Fiction Books from Scientist Author JJBrown Credits filmed by Lillian Rodriguez Transcript Scientist author JJBrown here, to tell you about my new fiction books and where you can find them. I love writing. I’m in love with writing. I just got into publishing this year as an independent author. And my first book that came out is “Death and the Dream”. Its a book of 14 short stories set in New York City. We’re here in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. It’s also set in upstate New York and the photograph is from a graveyard right around where I used to live. People who reviewer the stories call them psychological horror. Sometimes I scare myself when I write. Be entertained, be horrified, be inspired. My second new fiction book “Vector a Modern Love Story” is a short novel. It’s about love, opera, and HIV in a clinic in New York City and in South Africa. Not your usual romance. Readers say that my stories make them feel differently about death, as if death is one of the characters or lays over the whole story. They also say it makes them think differently about relationships. I’m a scientist trained in Genetics, so when I write books I can’t help but experiment. I like to peel back the living skin of a story and see what’s inside each character. What makes ordinary children, women, men, scientists do extraordinary things? Authors who inspire me are American author Edgar