September 19, 2017

New Nook Touch Complete Walkthrough Review – eBooks, PDF, Store, Newspaper, etc

Buy Nook Touch: Nook Touch Written Review: This new Nook Touch video review outlines all the features of the new Nook, including ebooks settings, library layouts, sideloaded EPUB and PDF files, newspapers, and more. Check the written review for more details, screenshots, tips and tricks, and for weekly free Nook Books.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. even better download calibre and convert the pdf into epub? format

  2. Nicholas Dudzinski says:

    People buy this to read? and improve their grammar, you should try it my friend.

  3. George C. G. Barbosa says:

    it’s your iPad?

  4. twinkle2470 says:

    Is it my iPad or? does this video freeze???

  5. Tammy Justus says:

    thanks so much. wow this ereader is great i finally got it and though the touch screen isnt always super responsive its still awesome (though i might take it back and get another of the same one, walmart sold it to? me with the product open and out of the wrapping)

  6. i would definitely recommend it for that purpose, it keeps? it mobile and in one convenient place.

  7. tater52001 says:

    thanks for showing me how to bookmark a page? i couldn’t figure it out

  8. Jamal Gelashvili says:

    has this item text to? speech and multi touch function?

  9. gabekarl82 says:

    lol, obv you don’t understand e-ink? …. they won’t be making e-books if it’s “backdated” … and yea you probably dont read books lol

  10. oscarandizzy says:

    Do? I? have to buy the books to read on the nook at barnes & noble or can I buy them on other e books websites as long as they’re in the same format?

  11. Tammy Justus says:

    So how many people would recommend the Nook Simple Touch for somebody who reads? alot of fanfictions in PDF format?

  12. bemorewantless says:

    You sound similar to Jimmy Fallon. :) ?

  13. az100eletronics12 says:

    good choice.?

  14. poop mifurgan says:

    An E-reader screen?

  15. Mario Petkovic says:

    Well I recommend the Nook Simple Touch, because of the E-Ink display. I mean if you want to use it ONLY for e-books (the e-reader should be? just for that), I recommend the Simple Touch. If you want something like in color you can simply buy some tablet or so… because the main thing of your reader is – reading… Cheers!

  16. thereturningcow says:

    @geartrain440 no eye strain at all! I have one and love? it!

  17. legendariouscow says:

    is the nook touch the original?

  18. geartrain440 says:

    Does anyone? own a Nook Color to compare with this? My main concern is eye strain: how does e-ink compare with it? Thanks to any who answer.

  19. Anthony Humphrey says:

    Yes you can. You just press on the word it will highlight that? word then you just drag that highlight across the paragraph you want to highlight. Also you can make note

  20. TheCatsLastWord says:

    depends on the graphics maybe, but I am looking at organic chemistry? textbooks and it’s pretty easy to view

  21. Anyone know how textbooks look on the Nook Simple Touch? Are the graphics? from the book easy to see on the Nook?

  22. unholychunk says:

    fastly lol?

  23. Jason Spear says:

    It’s amazing to me that people still don’t understand the point of the E-INK. It’s not outdated technology, it’s a solution for? long term reading by mimicking paper. geez!

  24. ThatJustHappened14 says:

    can you highlight texts to make notes on this?? say for a student?