September 23, 2017

Reading pile #12 – the new books say hello

A new reading pile is waiting to be read and here are the books. Nauti Temptress – Lora Leigh; erotic romance, #1 in the series Witch Crag – Kate Cann; dystopian, paranormal, YA, stand-alone Miracle in Regent Street – Ali Harris; chick lit, stand-alone The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery, contemporary fiction, stand-alone Can’t buy me love – Molly O’Keefe, contemporary romance, Crooked Creek Ranch #1 Exodus – Julie Bertagna, dystopian, #1 in the Exodus / Raging Earth trilogy The Hallowed Ones – Laura Bickle, post-apocalyptic, YA, #1 in The Hallowed Ones Across the Great Barrier – Patricia Wrede, fantasy, YA, #2 in the Frontier Magic trilogy The Sharp Time – Mary O’Connell; contemporary YA, stand-alone What are you reading now and next? find me online book blog – boolikes – http facebook – twitter –

My British English websites Please feel welcome to watch my free English videos on this Youtube channel: Please join this Facebook group to learn English: My Twitter account for teaching English is @UKEnglishTweets at this page: British English WordPress blog: Tumblr video blog: In this special English lesson me and my special guest star (a native speaker) improvise conversations around colloquial topics to aid your comprehension. Conversation prompts Tell us about yourself Robert can also be called Rob, Bob or Bobby. He prefers Rob. “Let’s get cracking” means “let’s start”. “Countryside” means a village or town (not a city). We’re from Wiltshire. “Picturesque” is an adjective similar to “beautiful”. What do you study? Rob studies biochemistry (science) involving proteins, fats and carbohydrates and how they behave within our bodies at Cardiff University. We recommend Cardiff University to international students. Me and Rob both studied there. Rob describes it as “reputable” — it has a strong reputation. Describe your job Rob works in a laboratory where they analyse food to make sure it is safe for people to eat. What do you think about the weather lately? We love to discuss the weather in Britain. The weather this summer has been “up and down” (hot and cold). Some days “uncomfortably warm” (quite hot) and others “bit nippy” or “chilly”. “Bit nippy” and “chilly” mean “cold


  1. abouthappybooks says:

    I’m just now uploading my? wrap up video. :) The book was ok for me, I personally wanted more romance.

  2. alexandrapen says:

    can’t wait? to hear your review on the christmas book! i’m thinking of getting it too :)

  3. abouthappybooks says:

    Thanks. I hope that I will like the book more? than your friend did, but of course everything is possible. :)

  4. Good luck with the new reading pile! I haven’t read any of the books but my best friend tried to read “The Elegance of the Hedgehock” but she couldn’t finish? it because she didn’t like it at all. I hope you’ll have more luck with that book!

  5. abouthappybooks says:

    Hopefully? it will be something good. :)

  6. marlinelina says:

    I’ve seen Witch Crag at the bookstore and? really loved the cover, but there were some books I wanted more, so I didn’t buy it ;) Looking forwards to hear what you think of it!

  7. CJWorkman17 says:

    Hi, thanks very much. Please keep in touch. Take care,? Chris

  8. altyn kai says:

    Hi, Chris! I’m? writing to you from KZ!!! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and time with us!! Subtitles could be even helpful

  9. CJWorkman17 says:

    Hello, no it’s not that – we were trying to be kind of professional for the video to make it easier for people to understand. Cheers,? Chris

  10. Tim Fancy says:

    You seem very formal with? your brother? Are you just not particularly close?

  11. CJWorkman17 says:

    Hi! Sure why not? I don’t think there’s a strict definition. Both me and Bobby both love Dune. Take it easy, Chris?

  12. Missbunny187 says:

    My favourite book is dune too! I live in Long Eaton outside Nottingham would? that be described as countryside? It is a very very small town.

  13. Matthieu Soccerplayer says:


  14. where’s the subtitles I searched for americans??

  15. I had? difficulties in understanding what Rob said at times. Sometimes he just mumbled or the pitch went really low and it was hard to pick up the word he said.

  16. Elnaz Khosravi says:

    cheers chris and? rob

  17. Great social work
    Thank? you very much and for all members of ur family :)

  18. Melissa G says:

    You should do the videos together!! =P I like it very much? very useful!!! thanks!!! =P

  19. lapichoncita says:

    Robert looks ashamed!! Your? accent is brilliant!!

  20. Márcio Luiz says:

    Your brother and? u are like Twins, LOL…
    Both of you are so similar!!!

  21. Rhnán Castro says:

    thank? :)

  22. CJWorkman17 says:

    It might sound silly but you can try? children’s books first because the vocabulary and sentences will be simpler and then you can build up to full adult novels. Good luck!