September 25, 2017

Review of New Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Amazon announced three new Kindle E-Readers this week, including the Kindle Fire Android tablet and Kindle Touch. The third offering is a bare bones reader simply called Kindle. Unlike previous Kinde E-Readers, this new Kindle includes no keyboard, no speakers, and no headphone jack. It’s 18% smaller, weighs under 6 ounces, and fits nicely in hand for easy reading. Like the previous 3 generations of Kindle, this new one uses E Ink for a crisp reading experience. WiFi connectivity allows you to download ebooks quickly. At the price point, the new Kindle makes a great starting point for getting into ebooks.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Amazon is offering two new e-book readers, the Kindle Touch for , or 9 with 3G, and the new Kindle which is available for . Follow our blog for more information on the new Kindles:


  1. Doesn’t everyone have a generic USB? charger?

  2. OhFishyFish says:

    @jakeludington Wasn’t included with my previous edition of kindle (the one with keyboard). Besides it’s just another piece of plastic that I’m going to loose. Come on – you have computer at home, computer at work and probably quite a few universal USB chargers and that’s more than enough with kindle’s battery? life.

  3. aceofclubskid says:

    The battery lasts a month on a single charge, and there’s a usb because they are universal, in other words, japanese power? plugs are differebt than ours, so are some other countries.

  4. MarcelaoVMS says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if the device comes? already with dictionary?If not, is possible to install?

  5. 00rockinmusic says:

    what if i’m blind and? cant read? i’m gonna need a headphone jack for audio books!

  6. texasinstrument82 says:

    I like it?

  7. ladrifter764 says:

    @danjulification Wha-?

  8. fayettevillechi says:

    can you print the? ebooks?

  9. fkeopfkeop says:

    Good? review.

  10. iHeartSmileyFaces2 says:

    Is that a glare I see on your Kindle? Thought they were? glare-free.

  11. no? headphone jack,…that means no audio book…



  13. @MJGOLDHEART Yeah. Its called? a dictionary.LOL

  14. What I don’t like about eBooks is being tied to book platform.? I wish digital books were more like digital music. Apps are different.

  15. @danjulification Then you are? an abuser, you should be arrested.

  16. lockergnome says:

    @michailnenkov All Kindle hardware supports reading? PDF files.

  17. lockergnome says:

    @MJGOLDHEART All software features are the same across Kindle devices. This version is about 2.5 ounces lighter than the Kindle Keyboard, which doesn’t sound like much? but feels like a big difference.

  18. ChequeWriter says:

    @jakeludington …for a product that you? only have to rarely charge up,… it’s not that bad I think.

  19. MJGOLDHEART says:

    Do they still have the feature where you can? go to a word on the page and check what it means?? Are all those features still on it. And is it much lighter than the one with the keyboard?

  20. maxwantsjustice says:

    Who cares about the wall adapter, this thing has like a one? month charge.

  21. supascholesey says:

    @jakeludington to be fair with a battery life of a month not? including the wall adapter isnt too much of a big deal. Besides the amount of people out there now with an iphone and/or an ipod of some kind means that most households already have one. Brilliant piece of cost reduction by amazon if you ask me. But anyway thanks to your review i went ahead with my purchase, thanks a million

  22. @jakeludington If you have the old Kindle 3 wall? adapter, will it work with the new cord?

  23. danjulification says:

    your voice? made me punch my wife.

  24. NitekMuscle says:

    @Entropy56 Supposedly, the commercials are only visible when? the Kindle isn’t in use.

  25. that guy talking sucks at his job….?

  26. LucidDivinity says:

    @maximumvalues It uses e-ink, which simulates paper,? and so there is no strain on your eyes.

  27. These lower prices for the Kindle are for the ones with advertisement built in. These are called “with special offers.” This is a deceptive way to bait and switch potential customers into buying a Kindle instead of a Nook. So if you want save a few dollars but have to look at commercials for the rest of your life, then by all means get the Kindle and enjoy looking at woman’s? underwear worn by sexy models. Hmmm… on second thought…

  28. maximumvalues says:

    OPTOMETRISTS ? are going to love this. sales of contacts and glasses will skyrocket in the next few years if this succeeds. im sick of tech crap all day long. a home computer is enough so your eyes are abused for an hour or so a day.

  29. redcivicsi16 says:

    Excellent. Thanks? for the vid!

  30. Paul Reynolds, very? professional. Hope he comes around for other Consumer Reports videos too.