September 19, 2017

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  1. allday1997 says:

    sorry but what is an 18? 25?

  2. account17able says:

    great, now I? wanna work out

  3. @arynzerr In response to your last question I am grateful and happy for what I have which isnt much but? I want more and I want to keep improving myself

  4. @arynzerr he is saying you have to be able to commit and put all of your energy to meet your goals he is not saying to be a workholic to never sleep and enjoy yourself people dont need help rembering that everyone can do that but when it comes to really committing themselves to a goal people forget nothing in life come? easy so they settle for less. You have to image that if a guy is willing to give up sleep/eating that he doing it because the end result will make him happy

  5. account17able says:

    1) Pause this video at 0:00
    2) Open new tab
    3) Type Soulja Boy – Crank That
    4) Play this at? the same time
    5) Enjoy

  6. @king78802
    happines is a mindset bro.
    also, this guy is speaking of seeing success more important than sleep, that is neglecting your health.
    i? have the goal for my life, to live freely, earn a bit of money so i can collect some experiences…i love to hike with a few friends of mine…something like that.
    when do you think you will find happines if not right now?…what are you even waiting for?

  7. 1)? Pause this video at 0:00
    2) Open new tab
    3) Type Sigur Ros – Festival – 127 Hours
    4) Play this at the same time

  8. @arynzerr what are you talking about? to most people sucess means the achievement of? a goal and happiness you dont have to leave your friends behind and neglect your health I dont know anyone who consider that a goal worthy of attainment (unless they are shitty friends). Are you saying you dont set goals for yourself or try to achieve happiness

  9. @jinzo530
    hmm yeah certainly understand that he says that you only can? do it if you want to, what i don’t understand is why so many people want to be “successful” – means, rich.

  10. juliusspin says:

    Still liked it, much better than almost everything out? there.

  11. juliusspin says:

    Nice job to the spokesman though, alot of sense is coming out of this man.
    He still has a lot to learn himself though and I dont believe a teacher should preach when he doesnt see the whole picture himself though.
    Watch Jiddu Krishnamurti for a second and see? what that does to you.
    Not trying to be a dick, just expressing my opinion.

  12. juliusspin says:

    Sorry, but? if you need someone else to tell you this…

  13. BNGFanatic1 says:

    27 cried and then quit?

  14. BNGFanatic1 says:

    Don’t cry to QUIT, cry to keep GOING” mann that quote hit me hard cause everyone has there moments where they feel like crying and giving up cuz something is hard (i know i have)? t

  15. YoungsamuelgTv says:


  16. This video just gave me the motivation to stay awake and work my ass off so I have a chance to make my dream a reality.? Thanks for motivating me.

  17. MIKEYakaBIGMAC says:


  18. This helps me in life when times get? hard I come here for the answers. God bless this man

  19. @arynzerr You sir, are not understanding what he is saying. the key? is you have to be WILLING. He isn’t saying you MUST.

  20. ironwolffirm says:

    Occupy Wall Street protesters – take notes?

  21. This is the best motivational speech? I’ve heard!

  22. stonybrook4444 says:

    im listening to this while im? studying for an exam

  23. @arynzerr my friend success can be defined as many things these lessons he is teaching are not simply for making money, infact i use them for personal gain to boost my confidence in all things i do. he isnt just talking about making money but infact making a? success of your in the sense, your are where u want to be in life. im not hating just trying to help u understand my friend

  24. dsadawrware says:

    @arynzerr hes talking about becoming successful taking up personal time, not abandoning personal life once you achieved success you retard, watch? the video again you clearly need it

  25. hmm why should i want to be succesful in order to let my body and friends behind?…where the fuck is the sense behind it?…to leave my girl alone so that i can buy? prostitutes when i made money?
    to get a stroke to be able to pay for the cure of my heart condition?
    i don’t understand this whole “succes” thing. in my opinion working all day to make money is far from success.
    maybe think about it before you prejudge what i just said.

  26. andreibest2 says:

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  29. QuitYourJobHere says:

    Nice video

  30. EasyMoneyEveryDay says:

    Great video
    Barry Cross