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Sven Michael Davison Addresses Fitness State of Mind

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

In the recently released cyberpunk thriller State of Mind, Davison comments on Americas obsession with losing weight and trying to look like a celebrity. The book has several futuristic advertisements that address a quick fix attitude toward getting fit, looking great, and becoming smarter. In addition to the book, Davison created a faux infomercial that satirizes fitness banner ads and infomercials for an I want it now culture, while giving information on his novels main plot device- the P-Chip.

Today, shows like The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, Thintervention as well as direct marketing for products like P90X and 30 Day Shred feed on Americas obsession with staying in shape, and looking beautiful. Yesterday we had Jack Lalanne and Richard Simons. Tomorrow we may have the P-Chip. With all these crash diets and quick fitness programs, wouldnt it be easier just to get a Chip installed in your head and let it do all the work? states Davison. State of Mind and Davisons P-Chip faux infomercial, satirize this cultural phenomenon.

State of Mind is first and foremost a near-future thriller, but the novel definitely comments on the society of today with a few humorous anecdotes.

State of Mind is a cautionary tale that examines the loss of freedom in a classic post-industrial dystopia. Jake Travissi, a fallen hero, is given a rare second chance at redemption. The price? Volunteer to have a computer chip implanted in his brain and join Homeland Securitys experimental Enhanced Unit.

Davison wrestles with many of the most compelling themes of cyberpunk genre today: Should we embrace every technological advance without question? Should humankind blend itself physically with machines? What does freedom really mean? All of these questions are answered within a vivid tapestry where the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world have dissolved.

State of Mind is a finalist and winner of two Dan Poynters Global eBook Awards.

A thoughtfully composed piece of cyberpunk that will please readers of both science fiction and noir. Kirkus Reviews

Davisons Los Angeles is pulpy- vibrant, an unforgettable wasteland. State of Mind is the world of the near future, the horrible synthesis of human desire and the technology to make it a reality.” ForeWord Reviews

An intelligent, thought provoking, cinematic post-cyberpunk thriller and a great read. Antony Jones,

This book deserves to go directly to the Top Ten Best Sellers List. Deb Shunamon, Reader Views.

There are some crazy twists and turns in this novel and the end? One word WOW. It totally blew me away. There are plenty of shocking, hanging on the edge of my seats moments. Alice Bola, girls just reading

State of Mind is a tense, thoughtful and well-paced sci-fi tale drawn from Davisons life, imagination and his experiences with technological innovation.” Pod Cast Interview by Bryan Reesman????

Sven Davison was raised in Denver, graduated NYU with a bachelors degree in film and has worked as a trailer copywriter at Paramount Pictures and a staff screenwriter for several other smaller production companies. Davison currently oversees the linear content and menu production at 1K Studios, which is employed by most major film production companies.

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By Sven Michael Davison

Published by Bedouin Press

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Hardcover with dust jacket ISBN: 978-0-9666149-2-3

eBook $ 2.99

Publication date: 2011

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