September 23, 2017

Will iAuthor eBook editions “reincarnate” illustrated book bestsellers of

Will iAuthor eBook editions “reincarnate” illustrated book bestsellers of
It is a rare illustrated book that becomes a bestseller. For those few that do, the economic life of the book tends to be short-lived – a few years at best. There are many reasons it is difficult to reissue an older once bestselling illustrated book …
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Tracking the Price of Ebooks: Average Price of Ebook Best-Sellers in a Two
In the four-and-a-half months since we started tracking ebook best-sellers and their prices, there has been fairly wide fluctuation in the average price of a best-seller — more than $ 3 between the high and the low over that period. Because our list is …
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Are The Days Of The .99 Ebook Numbered?
It's a combination of new best-sellers being discounted and old best-sellers — already having been discounted because they're no longer current — seeing a resurgence in sales as consumers with new ebook readers and tablets from the holidays load them …
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eBook Bestsellers Average Price Drops $ .61 This Year
The average price for an eBook on Digital Book World's bestsellers list dropped $ .61 during the first week this year. According to new metrics from Digital Book World and Iobyte Solutions, the average price of an eBook bestseller was $ 8.23 during the …