October 23, 2017

Article Reading for Juniors

The entire ReadingCare.com program was designed, and is currently operated by a team of Harvard and Yale graduates. In this video, we briefly talk about how the “Article Reading for Juniors” program has helped middle-school students with the non-fiction reading practice required in Common Core Standards.
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Issue Four of Time Management Magazine features article by Jeff Davidson

Issue Four of Time Management Magazine features article by Jeff Davidson
Purchase a subscription for Time Management Magazine and instantly receive a 40% discount on the cover price plus a 1-month free trial. In addition to these savings, join our mailing list and receive an additional month of Time Management Magazine as a …
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SilkRoad Identifies Critical HR Issues Driving Talent Management in New Report
Released today, SilkRoad's "The State of Talent Management 2013" report surveyed 5,753 HR professionals in North America to reveal the top trends and opportunities in talent management, including wide adoption of cloud-based HRMS, at 46 percent. A copy …
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BioShock: Infinite prequel ebook out in February, free with pre-order
The ebook will be released February 12 for Kindle, priced at $ 2.99. Amazon pre-orders of BioShock Infinite will be entitled to a free copy. All pre-orders worldwide will also get the in-game Industrial Revolution Pack, with in-game gear, currency, and …
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Digital Marketing Labs Article Reviews How to Publish an E-book on Amazon the Right Way

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 15, 2012

Writers are learning the advantages of publishing an e-book on Amazon, as the online marketplace continues its transformation into a beast of a retailer, a recent article from Digital Marketing Labs said. Its no longer a new realm; Amazon has become the go-to place for both businesses and customers. Finding the right way to go about getting published and selling content has become a predominant need.

To get the best system for selling on Amazon in the world, the article stated, look no further than the Special Report from Digital Marketing Labs, Partnering with Amazon: How to Give Amazon Permission to Sell Your Products to Their Over 275 Million Registered Buyers.

The report was compiled to show both experienced and beginner Amazon sellers how to publish an e-book, how to set up a WebStore, and how to use the Amazon Advantage Program. The thorough report was heavily researched, with data analysis and tested strategies from the experts at the Digital Marketing Labs.

The procedures in the report walk through the self-publishing process. Amazon makes it so easy to publish, but things like formatting, stylizing, and promoting content arent exactly simple to understand, the article added. Partnering with Amazon makes them simple, allowing anyone to not only make their content available, but give it a high ranking in search engines and drive traffic to their own websites.

Plus, the article mentioned that since an e-book is entirely digital, profit margins reach 100%. Theres no printing fees or design fees. There are no payments to Amazon besides a small commission added after money is made, and the aftereffects of publishing on Amazon are just as valuable as a low cost. The free traffic generated by the retail king through search engines gives products respect and authority; a higher ranking makes content seem trustworthy, and therefore makes the business it came from trustworthy too.

The Partnering with Amazon report gives all the necessary advice needed to get set up as a publisher and make content available to the 275 million-strong customer base. It helps avoid the three most common mistakes that can ruin a relationship with Amazon, and informs about the types of e-book content that sells the best.

The Special Report is an informative, educational release from Digital Marketing Labs, which strives to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. When its time to learn how to publish an e-book on Amazon, turn to the comprehensive system designed by the experts, and find a copy at http://digitalmarketer.com/reports/partnering-with-amazon/.

Chunking a Nonfiction Article

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