October 22, 2017

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This week on the Books & Beer Hangout, Dan Messer joined us to talk about ebooks and libraries. A few tasty morsels: * How you can check out books from the library and read them on your ebook reading device * Vagaries of antiquated licensing systems that continue to plague libraries, even in ebooks * But in the world of $ .99 and free ebooks… will libraries survive? * How indie authors can get their books in the public library … and a whole lot more! See the full show notes at goo.gl and to subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss an episode. Books & Beer is recorded and broadcast live as a Google+ Hangout On Air and on YouTube Live! Wnat the schedule for our live broadcast? Visit booksandbeer.com
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Samhain Publishing Authors Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem Receive Publishers Weekly Starred Review for LINE AND ORBIT

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

International publisher Samhain Publishing? today announced that authors Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem have received a Publishers Weekly starred review for their male/male sci-fi fantasy novel-length debut, LINE AND ORBIT.

LINE AND ORBIT is the story of an outcast who finds unexpected love in the arms of his enemy, set against a compelling and fully-realized science fiction world. We are delighted with the starred review for Lisa and Sunny, and thrilled that such talented authors have received this recognition, said Samhain publisher Lindsey Faber. We look forward to continuing to work with them on future books.

The full description of LINE AND ORBIT is:

What hes been taught to fear could be his destinyand his only hope.

Adam Yuga, a rising young star in the imperialist Terran Protectorate, is on the verge of a massive promotionuntil a routine physical exam reveals something less than perfection. Genetic flaws are taboo, and Adam soon discovers theres a thin line between rising star and starving outcast.

Stripped of wealth and position, stricken with a mysterious, worsening illness, Adam resorts to stealing credits to survive. Moments from capture by the Protectorate, help arrives in the form of Lochlan, a brash, cocksure Bideshi fighter.

Now the Bideshi, a people long shunned by the Protectorate, are the only ones who will offer him shelter. As Adam learns the truth about the mysterious, nomadic people he was taught to fear, Lochlan offers him not just shelterbut a temptation Adam can only resist for so long.

Struggling to adapt to his new life, Adam discovers his illness hides a terrible secret, one that the Protectorate will stop at nothing to conceal. Time is growing short, and he must find the strength to close a centuries-old rift, accept a new identityand hold on to a love that could cost him everything.

And the complete review of LINE AND ORBIT from Publishers Weekly is:


Moraine (In the Pale Moonlight) and debut author Soem collaborate on a deliciously fulfilling gay sci-fi romance. Adam Yuga is on the fast track to the upper echelon of the Terran Protectorate, the dominant force in the galaxy. Members of the Protectorate have been genetically engineered and carefully bred for generations, so when testing reveals Adam has a genetic flaw, he becomes persona non grata. Adams downward spiral throws him in the path of Lochlan dBideshi, whose nomadic people believe in magic and nature and directly oppose the Protectorates cold science. As the mystery of the Protectorates obsession with Adam deepens and the two societies head inexorably toward a crisis, Adam and Lochlans uneasy truce develops into love worth dying for. Readers will fall for the engaging dialogue, wonderfully fleshed-out characters, a sexy and realistic romance, fully realized world-building, and a genuinely interesting science fictional core issue to work through. This phenomenal novel marks Moraine and Soem as authors to watch. (Feb.)

To learn more about this title and all Samhain Publishing books, and to order books at a special discounted rate, visit the publisher online at http://www.samhainpublishing.com.

About Samhain Publishing

Launched in 2005 with a vision of bringing extraordinary fiction to compulsive readers (who sometimes cant wait for a book to actually be printed), Samhain Publishing? is an international publisher of e-book and traditional print fiction. One of the most prominent voices of original e-book fiction, Samhain represents some of todays brightest authors of romance and horror fiction. To learn why at Samhain its all about the story, visit Samhain Publishing online at http://www.samhainpublishing.com.

Award-winning Business Authors Publish Novel Selling to Zebras, The Untold StoryFor Salespeople – Teaches Sales Process Through Fiction

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

Following the success of Selling to Zebras: How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably, Jeff and Chad Koser did something novel. Literally. In Selling to Zebras, The Untold StoryFor Salespeople, the authors present their ideas within a fictional narrative. The novel tells the story of Kurt Kostner, the dedicated vice president and general manager of C3 Technology, who has been given an ultimatum: Turn sales numbers around in 90 days or pack up your things.

Telling the story from the sales perspective

The original Selling to Zebras book described the sales methodology developed by Kosers company, Selling to Zebras, Inc. The ZEBRAselling approach increases sales effectiveness by pitching the financial advantages of a companys product or service as heavily as features and benefits. In addition, interest and support of top management are sought early in the sales cycle for a shorter, more successful sales process.

The original book was written for the C-suite reader, but the new book is geared to the boots-on-the-ground salesperson.

Were salespeople at heart, says Selling to Zebras author, Jeff Koser. We understand the frustrations of implementing any new sales methodology. So we wanted to illustrate how the ZEBRAselling process works from the salespersons perspective. Telling it as a story enabled us to make it more engaging and real.

While the primary audience is salespeople, the book serves as an effective refresher on the sales process improvement strategy for anyone who read the first book.

Purchasing the book

The novel is available to the general public for $ 2.99 through Amazon and to Amazon Prime members for free through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.????Kindle apps are available for most devices, making Kindle e-book downloads readable on PCs, tablets and phones.????

About ZEBRAselling

ZEBRAselling is the sales methodology developed by Jeff Koser, founder and CEO of Selling to Zebras, Inc. Selling to Zebras is a global leader in sales process improvement. The company teaches sales professionals how to close 90% of business they pursue with greater ease, speed and profitability. The company provides process efficiency tools, sales software and management support to help companies achieve considerable sales improvement.

For more information contact:

Chris Ullman




# # #

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