September 21, 2017

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This week's best-sellers

This week's best-sellers
Ina Garten, host of "Barefoot Contessa," collects her best quick and easy recipes. Last week: 4. 4. "I Declare" by Joel Osteen (FaithWords, … 8. "To Sell Is Human" by Daniel H. Pink (Riverhead, $ 26.95). Pink examines the role of selling in everyone's …
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Winder Binder Gallery & Bookstore ranks local bestsellers for 2012
But the rest of the national list is made up of recent and classic literary fiction and nonfiction, including Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, David Sedaris and Harper Lee. So perhaps it's not surprising that the local fiction and poetry bestsellers are …
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Will iAuthor eBook editions “reincarnate” illustrated book bestsellers of

Will iAuthor eBook editions “reincarnate” illustrated book bestsellers of
It is a rare illustrated book that becomes a bestseller. For those few that do, the economic life of the book tends to be short-lived – a few years at best. There are many reasons it is difficult to reissue an older once bestselling illustrated book …
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Tracking the Price of Ebooks: Average Price of Ebook Best-Sellers in a Two
In the four-and-a-half months since we started tracking ebook best-sellers and their prices, there has been fairly wide fluctuation in the average price of a best-seller — more than $ 3 between the high and the low over that period. Because our list is …
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Are The Days Of The .99 Ebook Numbered?
It's a combination of new best-sellers being discounted and old best-sellers — already having been discounted because they're no longer current — seeing a resurgence in sales as consumers with new ebook readers and tablets from the holidays load them …
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eBook Bestsellers Average Price Drops $ .61 This Year
The average price for an eBook on Digital Book World's bestsellers list dropped $ .61 during the first week this year. According to new metrics from Digital Book World and Iobyte Solutions, the average price of an eBook bestseller was $ 8.23 during the …

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Jodi Picoult Turns Tough Topics Into Best-Sellers

Jodi Picoult Turns Tough Topics Into Best-Sellers
Jodi Picoult is the author of 18 novels, including My Sister's Keeper, The Pact and Nineteen Minutes. When you think about blockbuster best-sellers, genres like mystery, crime and romance typically come to mind. Ethical or moral fiction? Not so much.
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How e-books made reading sexy again
Sales of digital novels are soaring – so why don't best-seller lists reflect this trend? By JoJo Moyes After more than a decade of writing novels, it is the stuff of dreams to have one finally make it into the Top 10. But when asked about my sales, …

Bestsellers: 'Lone Wolf' is a howling success

Bestsellers: 'Lone Wolf' is a howling success
Books Newsday > Entertainment > Books Bestsellers: 'Lone Wolf' is a howling success Published: March 8, 2012 5:30 PM A list of national bestsellers compiled by Publishers Weekly. HARDCOVER — FICTION 1. LONE WOLF, by Jodi Picoult (Atria) 2.
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Calgary Bestsellers
This week FICTION Last week 1 Indian Horse . Richard Wagamese. On his deathbed, Saul Indian Horse revisits his life as a northern Ojibway. – 2 the sisters brothers . Patrick DeWitt. The awardwinning western is out in paperback. 10 3 11 Birthdays .
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HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "Lone Wolf" by Jodi Picoult (Atria, $ 28). Edward Warren returns home to make a life or death decision after his estranged father, a noted wolf researcher, is severely injured. Last week: 1 2. "Victims" byJonathan Kellerman …
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BOOK WORLD bestsellers — Feb. 19, 2012

BOOK WORLD bestsellers — Feb. 19, 2012
By Christopher Schoppa This time around, it's five new nonfiction titles, while new fiction sees three new yarns join its ranks … (Threshold, $ 26.99). By Mark R. Levin. Claiming that the American Dream (individualism) is at risk, courtesy of a rise …
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NPR Bestsellers: Hardcover Nonfiction, Week Of February 16, 2012
by Katherine Boo by Walter Isaacson by Susan Cain by David B. Agus, MD and Kristin Loberg Dr. David B. Agus — one of the nation's leading authorities on cancer treatment — addresses modern misconceptions about illness and wellness.
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'The Vow' Tops Times Best-Seller List; Joins Three Other Faith-based Books
1 movie in the country, topped the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list in its first week of re-release. From B&H Publishing Group, The Vow joins three other film-related, faith-based books as national best sellers, including The Resolution for …
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Fiction Bestsellers: 4-27-2011

Bestselling fiction (eg THE PALE KING, SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY, ROOM)…
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