September 23, 2017 Awards $1,000 Prize in First Annual Novel Contest; Good Morning, Magpie Wins Editors Choice

(PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Young author, Zachary Gilpin, takes home the coveted prize of Editors Choice in AuthorStands First Annual Novel Contest gaining free publicity and $ 1,000 for his novel Good Morning, Magpie.

Gilpins novel about a dove, a magpie and the world coming to an end adds to the growing list of Editors Choice winners on AuthorStand, an online community where aspiring authors post works to build readership and launch their writing careers.

When asked about receiving top honors, Gilpin said, For someone who got their start writing fanfics and serial flash fiction on the internet, that is a tremendous ego boost. Gilpin dishes about his novel and inspiration in his interview with AuthorStand founder Joe Niewierski.

Good Morning, Magpie and thousands of other novels and short stories, in a variety of genres, are available for download, most for free, on

The AuthorStand First Annual Novel Contest kicked off in January 2011 and received nearly 150 qualifying entries in genres ranging from sci-fi, fantasy, crime, horror, humor and more.

To determine the first and second prize winners, the ratings given to each novel by members of the Authorstand community were combined with judges scores.

AuthorStand Founder Joe Niewierski says, The contest was a huge success in helping authors gain exposure for their work and were currently taking entries for our Second Annual Novel Contest which wraps up later this year.

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2 Reviewers Choice Awards for author, Tom Weston

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 11, 2012

Following last weeks announcement that FISSION had been named Reader Views Book of the Year for the USA North East Region, an area which comprises New England and the State of New York, we are pleased to add that FISSION has also won FIRST PLACE in the Reader Views Historical Fiction Category.


FISSION is a novel based on the life and times of scientist, Lise Meitner, the Austrian Physicist, born in Vienna in 1878. Lise is amongst the first women to be admitted to the University and to be awarded a PhD in Physics. From there she goes to Berlin, and eventually becomes Head of the Physics department at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Due to her status as a Jew in Nazi Germany, Lise is forced to flee the country and move to Sweden, where she discovers nuclear fission and sparks the race for the atomic bomb. After the war, the Nobel Foundation controversially denies her the Nobel Prize for her discovery.

FISSION, by Tom Weston:

Hardcopy 329 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 978-0-981-94135-6.

Paperback 329 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 978-0-981-94137-0.

eBook, ISBN 978-0-981-94138-7.


Award winning writer and film-maker, Tom Weston, returned to the novel format for the adaptation of his screenplay, FISSION, based on the true life story of scientist, Lise Meitner. Originally from England, Tom now resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

His novel, FIRST NIGHT, set in Boston during the New Years Eve festival, introduced the unlikely heroines, Alex and Jackie, and the ghost of a 17th century Puritan named Sarah Pemberton. FIRST NIGHT won an Honorable Mention in the Middle-Grade/Young Adult category, in the Writers Digest 17th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards. The sequel to FIRST NIGHT, called THE ELF OF LUXEMBOURG, is also a supernatural mystery, with a blend of humor and history that has become Toms trademark.

Following the publication of THE ELF OF LUXEMBOURG, Tom turned to the medium of film to produce and direct the award winning animated short, THERE BE MONSTERS!, based on one of his TALES FROM THE GREEN DRAGON TAVERN.

Tom is now working on Book 3 of the Alex and Jackie Adventures, called FEATHERED: BEING A FAIRY TALE, and a new animated short called DANCING DAISY DAY.

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