September 21, 2017

Bookshelves in the age of e-books

Bookshelves in the age of e-books
I have noticed over the years that every so often magazines (and now blogs) feature beautiful spreads of book-filled rooms, with headlines like “Living With Books” or “The Pages of Our Lives.” Usually the images feature poetic, far-off places where …
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DTU banner-crop-600 A year ago, some friends (including my three fellow Phenomena writers) and I put together a web site to review science ebooks. We dubbed it Download the Universe, and we've reviewed about 80 titles since then, on everything from …
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How to Get Free eBooks and Transfer them onto your Apple iPad and iBooks

To get the latest copies of all of the Best Selling titles please visit us at: The Most Simple Method would be to send an email to yourself with the epub attached if you already have it saved onto your PC/MAC. (If not then when you receive the file through email or to download from our store then you would repeat the step.) When you open your email on your iPad you’ll see your attachment. Click on it and you’ll get a dialog asking if you want to open it in iBooks or another. Select iBooks and the program will run with that book opened. Done.
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Best Weight Loss Ten E-BOOKs FREE download

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Downloading library ebooks for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch using Overdrive

Learn how to use Overdrive, the library’s online digital media catalog, to download ebooks for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
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Brussels to sue over VAT on ebooks

Brussels to sue over VAT on ebooks
Brussels said that EU member states are not allowed to make any tax discrimination based on specific products, unless otherwise agreed by the majority of the bloc's 27 countries. VAT for ebooks should be the same as on any other standard goods or …
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The digital dilemma of e-books
Those with the greatest problem purchasing new digital books, libraries. "It's just so much more convenient than having to go down to the library when I can just download the book," says e-book user Susanne Elgar. That is if your library is able to …
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Apple may be working on new e-book features for iOS
Apple may be working on some new search and highlight features for reading e-books on iPads, Patently Apple reported today. The company filed a patent application for "creating and viewing digital note cards," according to the application published …
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How to read eBooks on your PC/ FREE APP LINKs after BLIND VEIL review

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Download Audiobooks, eBooks, and Music, Anytime, Anywhere

Download Audiobooks, eBooks, and Music, Anytime, Anywhere
The local library is now able to offer its patrons best-selling and classic audiobooks, eBooks, and music available “24/7” from the library's website, http:// Those interested can browse the collection, check out with their …
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Graduate students will travel to present journal
The trip to Boston will be an opportunity to present the concept to other universities. PRIME is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is free to download. Its ePub format allows audio and video content that most eBooks or e-journals do not, as …
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10,000 Ebooks for Kindle, Nexus, Ipad, Nook or any Tablet / Ebook Reader

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