October 18, 2017

BoarerPitchford.com Announces Four New Works of Fiction

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

There is reason to celebrate. The writer Lawrence BoarerPitchford has announced that he is currently working on four new works for your reading enjoyment. As you might remember, last year the author came back on the scene after being away for twelve years. He provided four e-books that titillated the imagination taking the reader to magical realms, on epic adventures; to the Republic of Rome, and the heart of the American Civil War. Along the way, he donated six months of royalties to the American Cancer Society, and did an interview with the infamous Riq Reed which can be viewed on his web site BoarerPitchford.com.

This year (2013), Lawrence BoarerPitchford is forging ahead to bring to market a masterful work in the genre of Steampunk science fiction. This story will take the reader on a stark journey across a dark continent where steam technology, airships, and dangerous cobblestone city streets compete for attention among smartly dressed courtesans, men in tweed jackets, bowler hats, and fancy dress. Also on the docket is the sequel to The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer, In the World of Hyboria, and his most famous and cheeky story Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels.

The author had this to say, There is much to disclose to you my avid and loyal readers. Im carried by the amazing response to my books, and your continued requests that I follow up with these hallmark tales. As always, quality means taking some time to do the job right, so I hope that you remain patient with me as I slave away at my keyboard day and night to produce the requested works. As always I hold you all in the highest regards.

Take a moment to see what all the fuss is about. If you have a Kindle and have a couple of dollars to spend, take a trip to the Amazon.com book store and download a few of his latest novels. Lawrence writes both fantasy and historical fiction. He is best known for his fantasy novel The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer; his fan fiction homage to the creator of Conan the Barbarian In the World of Hyboria; as well as his two historical works Sawbones, and Thadius. Lastly, he is offering for free his first novel titled Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels; a story of three anti-heroes who find that protecting Elizabeth I from nefarious forces is a challenge, considering the Queen wants their heads mounted on pikes. Download it at his website BoarerPitchford.com.

Lawrence BoarerPitchford works and lives in Sacramento California. His work can be found on Amazon books for Kindle, and you can read samples of his novels on his web site BoarerPitchford.com. Take a moment to explore BoarerPitchford.com and visit the author on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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