September 21, 2017

Free 3 Days to eBook Cash Training Video Series Released

Free 3 Days to eBook Cash Training Video Series Released
Anyone can use this amazing system that has created many best-selling authors and that Ellen, herself, uses to write ebooks, create webinars and teleseminars, special reports, articles, and video scripts for a 6-figure income. About The eBook Coach …
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Will You Soon Be Able To Buy Used Ebooks And Digital Music? Amazon Moves
Currently, the closest thing it has is the ability to borrow an ebook on a Kindle device, though the ebook can only be borrowed once. But as John Scalzi, best-selling author and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, noted on …
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Komando: The 5 biggest tech myths
The one catch is that you won't find many recently released books on free ebook sites, which might be what your book club is focused on. For that … If you're selling handmade things, it might be easier to sell them on an arts-and-crafts shop like …
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How to read eBooks on your PC/ FREE APP LINKs after BLIND VEIL review

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Download Free eBook: Best of 2012, Top Virtualization Management Articles

Download Free eBook: Best of 2012, Top Virtualization Management Articles
2012 was a big year for virtualization, with numerous articles published on performance, capacity sizing and storage to help you strengthen your virtualization management arsenal. To help you meet all of your virtualization management goals for 2013 …

Where to Download Free Public Domain eBooks?
If you are looking for a great place to get free ebooks, we will list the best sources. The main format of ebooks in the public domain are EPUB, which is the format of choice on 95% of all reading devices. Amazon uses its own proprietary format, but a …
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Next generation of Science Fiction- FREE (nook,kindle,pdf) ebooks.Scene artwork/animations video

“BIAlien” Novel/Comics can best be described as the following movies: Star Wars,X-men & Matrix. Learn more at: Prologue Imagine discovering a UFO and then having to hide inside of it after the elite unit of the army chases you to it in an attempt to kill you. Imagine having your nerves and senses connected with the ship and feeling what the ship does. Imagine having an out of body experience and flying a very advanced spaceship by pure thought. Going against jetfighters and making a mockery of the United States Air force. Imagine traveling from Earth to Jupiter in 30 minutes and then exploring Jupiter’s ice ocean moon Europa, what ocean aliens will you encounter? Imagine traveling towards our Sun at the speed of light and thinking you are going to die, only to have your molecules vaporized with the spaceship and transported in subspace through a system called Optic-warp. Imagine waking up on up an alien planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that uses virtual worlds as a home city. Imagine meeting an Alien species 70000 years ahead of humans, what will they tell you? What will you ask them? What is their species history? How can humans learn from the alien’s past mistakes? Imagine learning Earth is about to be silently attacked by a rival species who want to use our bodies as part of a top secret experimental weapon that can destroy all alien species in the universe; and you are the only one who can help stop this attack. Would you allow alien Nanotechnology to

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Breakout Writers Swinging For Their Next Self Publishing Home Run With The Young Adult Paranormal Series ForNevermore (And Free Ebook!)

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Authors Sean Platt and David W. Wright have already proven that weekly serialization works to drive sales and please readers with their post-apocalyptic serial Yesterdays Gone, which has generated impressive sales and over 200 5-Star reviews. Now the duo is aiming for more self publishing success with their first entry into the young adult paranormal/dark fantasy genres.

Audiences who loved The Hunger Games and Twilight will love Platt and Wright’s recently released first season of their serial, ForNevermore.

Readers who want to sample the story can get the first episode of the series free at Amazon April 17-19 2012.

We wanted to write something that captured the magic and misery of being young, trying to find your place, and not fitting in anywhere, said Platt, who described ForNevermore as a darkly romantic fantasy horror.

ForNevermore tells the story of Noella Snow, a 17 year old who lives in two worlds. The real world where her parents are dead and she lives with her aunt in upstate New York, then her dreamworld where her father is still alive, and shes watched over by Dante, a mysterious man with a deadly touch.

As her 17th birthday approaches, Noellas dream world begins to bleed into her real world, and she starts hearing voices and seeing monsters that cant possibly be real. As Death comes to claim her, Dante saves her, saying not only is he real, but he has watched over her for hundreds of years.

Is she losing her mind? Will he have to return to Kings Point Psychiatric Hospital?

Dont let the young adult tag fool you. This is a deep, dark story, said Wright. The only thing separating this story-wise from our other fiction is a lack of sex and the language is PG-13. But the scares, plot twists, and crazy cliffhanger endings our readers love are all there! We love how the first season turned out in its weekly form, and are thrilled to publish the full season.

Platt and Wright are looking to become Kings of the Serial this year with a publishing schedule of one book, short story, or episode per week in 2012. They treat their serials like TV shows, writing in six week blocks, with each episode ranging from 11,000 to 25,000 words in length. Each episode sells for .99 during its season. After all six episodes of a given season are out, they compile all six episodes into a Season Compilation, which sells in one low-priced book.

The duo says that offering readers a choice of either buying the serials in weekly doses or waiting for the whole season book has been one of the keys to their success.

Yesterdays Gone: Season Two returned in January for its second smash season, running six straight weeks into February. They followed with the debut of ForNevermore in February. Theyll be returning to adult horror with their newest series, WhiteSpace, a sci-fi horror serial, on May 1.

You know how HBO, Showtime, and AMC all have awesome must-see TV week after week? We want to be the HBO, Showtime, or AMC of the Kindle world, where no matter what, you know well have something awesome for you, every Tuesday, said Platt.

Collective Inkwell is the publishing company of Indie Authors Sean Platt and David W. Wright. Learn more about their books by visiting

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