September 23, 2017

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Students to read more non-fiction in school
Dernelle said that students will read more non-fiction in their social studies and history classes, adding that the English Department also continues to seek out more non-fiction works. For starters, Rutherford high school students read non-fiction …

Graphic Novel Opens Portal to Southwest for East Coast Author
A year-and-a-half later, El Iluminado emerged, a graphic novel that blends historical non-fiction, cinematic suspense and situational humor (Stavans himself is a character in the book, and doesn't hesitate to poke fun at his expense) into one vividly …
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Defense expert: It's not science fiction, it's modern warfare
Dr. Peter W. Singer is the Director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution and, at the age of 29, was the youngest scholar ever named Senior Fellow in its 90-year history. His New York Times best selling book, Wired for War …

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The 'Post' publishes its first e-book: Sex tips from Spitzer-scandal alumna
“Many of our readers have already embraced the Post's digital products, and we believe this new venture into eBooks will prove very popular,” Angelo is quoted in a statement as saying. "Tricks of the Trade is a unique and fun book – the perfect way for …
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The Millions launches e-book venture
The literary website the Millions is getting into the e-book business: Starting Tuesday, it will publish e-books that are available on, in Apple's iBookstore and at Barnes & Noble. While its website is about books, authors and publishing …
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Special Kindle Promotion: Riveting New York Times Bestselling Thriller Just 99
WIRED was not only a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, but the bestselling Kindle novel of 2011 in two major categories—technothrillers and science fiction—an unprecedented achievement. To mark the launch of the sequel, the eBook version of …
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GUEST BLOG: A flash of inspiration
Calum Kerr, Director of National Flash-Fiction Day (16th May), offers a brief guide to the shortest of short stories. While the ebook has replaced the paperback for many, hardbacks are flourishing. Gary Perry explains why sometimes only a hardback will …
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Are eBooks really the future of writing?
I've been writing my main character since the early 90s.” The short story is making a resurgence with eBooks. The Review of Australian Fiction, available on is a good example. It is an online journal that has no print presence.
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50 Shades of Grey: Why 'Mommy Porn' is Hot
The novels were published by a small independent Australian press and hard copy distribution was limited. So 90 percent of sales were discreet ebook downloads, according to the New York Times, which saw it rise to number one on its ebook fiction …
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Is Fifty Shades of Grey a New Frontier in Fan Fiction?
What some of Fifty Shades' readers may not be aware of, however, is that the book's greatest impact may not be due to the fact that it's erotica or that its initial success came through ebook sales — both fairly novel concepts in the staid world of …
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Ed Kurtz: Making Austin scarier, one book at a time
"To my admittedly limited knowledge, there wasn't anything of the sort for horror fiction, at least not in affordable trade paperbacks," says Kurtz. "I envisioned Redrum Horror as just that, an ongoing, numbered library of the very best horror fiction …
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Mini-ebooks: a natural home for articles that need a little room
Step forward the mini-ebook: a new home for ideas that need a little bit of space. Amazon announced this month that sales of Kindle Singles, its digital platform for novella-length fiction and non-fiction, have passed the 2m mark.
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Samhain Publishing Authors Climbing the Bestseller Lists
The New York Times' eBook bestseller lists in fiction and nonfiction are compiled from weekly data from publishers, chain bookstores, independent booksellers and online retailers, among other sources. Since 1935, The Times has published bestseller …
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The art of fiction: Potter power
The major books story this week is the arrival of official eBook editions of the Harry Potter novels. But these books are not for sale through Amazon's e-commerce system (or Barnes and Noble's and Waterstones'). Click on any Amazon link to the Potter …
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Getting published in today's world
Although Val-Rae (VR) Christensen's fiction is set in Victorian times when women were not usually in control of their lives and fortunes, she decided to be in total control of her recently published Victorian novel “Of Moths and Butterflies.

Ebooks roundup: Hitler, Hitchens and a hot erotic hit
But from this unremarkable beginning, the book develops not into a novel of social observation but into a startling piece of speculative fiction, in which the Germans have won the second world war in Europe and the continent is now in Nazi hands.
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