September 21, 2017

Latest Free Fiction Ebooks News

Coming to a Tablet Near You
Quick publication and easy updates allow non-fiction authors to keep abreast of quickly changing events. For those venturing into fiction, e-books allow them to get a foot in the door, attract attention and perhaps a publisher.
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Authors Strike Back Against PayPal's Censorship of Smashwords
By Mercy Pilkington Smashwords, the popular online ebook distribution platform that recently celebrated the uploading of the 100000 th title to its catalog of digital editions, found itself embroiled in some controversy over a request from PayPal that …
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Latest New Ebook Readers News

Kobo Turns a New Page
Kobo Inc. today announced an exciting new partnership that will see Dark Horse Comics' best-selling titles immediately available on the Kobo Vox eReader. Dark Horse is one of the world's leading and most innovative comic companies, bringing readers …
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Google eBooks Are Merged Into New Google Play App and Entertainment Store
The new site has subsumed the previous standalone Google eBooks, which is now apparently known as Books on Google Play. (In an interesting stylistic decision, most of the time digital reading files are simply called "books" though occasionally they …
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Latest Historical Fiction Ebooks News

Ebook sales are being driven by downmarket genre fiction
The ebook world is driven by so-called genre fiction, categories such as horror or romance. It's not future classics that push digital sales, but more downmarket fare. No cliche is left unturned, no adjective underplayed. At the time of writing, …
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Historical fiction writer Lachlan Gunn brings a forgotten war back to life
'Merdeka' is available as a paperback, through most reputable online retailers, and as a Kindle eBook. The conflict in Malaya, which ran from 1948 to 1960, was never officially referred to as a war, but as the 'Malayan Emergency'.
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Latest Science Fiction Ebooks News

Free science fiction story ebooks from David Marusek
… free Kindle ebooks containing several of my previously published short stories. Locked behind pay walls, these stories have been somewhat difficult to obtain (outside of pirate sites). My Morning Glory and other flashes of absurd science fiction is …
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