September 24, 2017

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? The Play-at-home Book Children’s NonFiction

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Non-Fiction Fun: Identifying the Features of Non-Fiction Books

Students discuss features of non-fiction texts and practice identifying them in a variety of books they read. See full lesson plans and additional videos at
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Self-Publishing Guru Dan Poynter explains and educates new writers on how to write publish and promote their first book. Dan Poynter fell into publishing. He spent eight years researching a labor of love. Realizing no publisher would be interested in a technical treatise on the parachute, he went directly to a printer and “self- published.” The orders poured in and he suddenly found he was a publisher himself. In 1973, he became interested in a new aviation sport, couldn’t find a book on the subject so he sat down and wrote one. After four months of writing and intense research that took him from coast to coast, he delivered the manuscript to the printer. So far, Hang Gliding has sold over 130000 copies-a “best seller”! Continuing to write, Dan has produced more than 76 books and revisions so far, of which some have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Russian, British-English and German. Over the years, Dan has developed a system of writing that makes it all so easy and fun. His books are loaded with facts and figures and contain detailed inside information. They are always up-to-date because he revises them before going back to press. Dan has sold millions of his books, including several best sellers, for ten of millions of dollars in sales. Many of his books sell at the rate of 10-20000 copies per year, every year. For many years, Dan ran Para Publishing all by himself. In fact, he was often billed as the world’s largest one-person publishing company. As a one-man