October 21, 2017

New Kindle eBook “Here’s Why: I Voted for Obama, I Voted for Romney, None of Above” Invites Readers to Write Their Own Chapter in a “Living” or “Open Book” Concept

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

“Here’s Why: I Voted for Obama, I Voted for Romney, None of Above,” just published as a Kindle eBook by Granny Apple Publishing LLC, is not meant to stir the coals of the great political divide among voters in the United States. Nor is it intended to question or challenge the 2012 presidential election.

Instead, author Janet Verdeguer believes that by reading the thoughtful comments of others, people will better understand what is really going on in the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans. Since they can read this eBook in the privacy and comfort of their living rooms or the nearest Starbucks, they won’t get into heated arguments with friends and family members, but instead can reflect on what people from the other side are really thinking.

“People are also tired of listening to pundits on radio or TV who many feel led them astray this election.”

“Here’s Why” is an eBook invitation for people to send their reasons. The first edition already includes comments from people in their ’40s to their ’80s, divided by chapters into these age groups.

Those who wish to submit should include two or three main reasons they voted for Obama or Romney and two or three main reasons they did not vote for the other guy. Those who did not vote or who voted for another candidate are also welcome to share their opinions..

Granny Apple Publishing and the author reserve the right to make minor edits for consistency of style and to determine which comments will be published. Janet Verdeguer, an award-winning editor and publisher with more than 30 years experience in the field, will edit the submissions and re-issue the book each time she receives 25 or more opinions.

The eBook is currently priced at $ .99 to make it widely available to voters everywhere. Everyone whose comments are included in the published eBook will receive a free copy of the updated version in which their comments appear. Comments should be emailed or snail mailed to Granny Apple Publishing. “By the act of sending in their comments, each person is automatically granting permission for Granny Apple to publish them,” says Verdeguer.

“Since the election, I have considered that, maybe, because the majority of folks seem to disagree with me, some of my thinking needs to change. I plan to read and re-read these comments from folks across the USA and do some soul searching. I encourage others to open their minds and do the same.

“At the least I am convinced that many of the leaders on the Right do not have a clue about what is really going on in peoples hearts and minds. And I am also convinced that many voters on the Left cant get beyond the groupthink that they seem to have imbedded in their subconscious minds that Conservatism is a dirty word. I believe this mindset prevents them from considering the reasons why lots of people are concerned about the direction the country is taking. I am already impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of comments I have received from both sides.

“I believe that if people on all sides read this series of thoughts, opinions and ideas, it will help them better understand each other.

“The concept of having 25 new comments added with every update will make this truly a ‘living book,’ as the years go by. I sincerely hope this book helps everyone.”

Granny Apple Publishing is a micro publisher located in Sarasota, Florida. For more information or to make a submission, contact Janet Verdeguer, Granny Apple Publishing LLC, 4602 Talbot Place, Sarasota, FL 34241 or email janet@GrannyApplePublishing.com

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Introducing iWriteReadRate.com – A New Open Community for Writers and Readers of Fiction

(PRWEB UK) 3 April 2012

iWriteReadRate.com is an open community for writers and readers of fiction.

Literature inspires, entertains and educates. The eBook Revolution is enabling people who love literature to come together in exciting ways. Both creators and consumers have a new freedom and opportunity to connect. If there ever was a time to be enthralled with and by literature, this is it.

The social potential of ebooks is opening up new possibilities for writers to build their platform and reach an audience. For readers there are new ways of discovering ebooks, connecting directly with writers, discovering new stories and voices, and becoming a part of the writing process itself.

These continuing developments are extremely positive. They hint at a new dynamic between writers and readers across all genres.

iWriteReadRate is a community for these groups of literary people to meet, communicate, and share their love for the written word. The objective is to support writers and inspire readers – making what becomes a successful story or novel more democratic, more personal and more social.

The Community

The iWriteReadRate iStream is the social glue that binds together the community. Integrated with social networks, it is designed to enable conversation and interaction among members.


Writers submit their work to iWriteReadRate easily and instantly. It is immediately available online for free sampling and purchase as an ebook. Writers can upload any length of work, and the ebooks are categorised into six size bands.

With the iWriteReadRate Writer Profile members have a personalised writing homepage that links to activity outside of the site, including their blog, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, writers will have a personalised URL – a one-stop location to showcase their ebooks and social activity.

Feedback for writers is important; writers will receive feedback from readers at a number of levels: first thoughts, Facebook comments, full ratings and reviews of their work.

Writers will earn up to 70% of the ebook cover price (they choose what to charge from a range of options) and can set the currency as $ USD, ?GBP, Euros or $ AUS. Commission payments to writers are paid securely, automatically and instantly into their PayPal accounts.

Members will also have an opportunity to participate in the Writer Spotlight blog and ebook series.


Readers who love to find new stories and discover new voices can view the synopsis and a preview of the ebook before choosing whether to download the full work.

For readers on the move, the iWriteReadRate App enables them to browse and download samples and full ebooks instantly, wherever they are, directly into the ebook reading app on their device.

When downloading a paid-for ebook, members do so with 100% security through PayPal.


Becoming part of the journey in a writers development of an ebook is an exciting proposition. iWriteReadRate enables various levels of interaction, rating and reviews.

In addition, as a rater, they will earn Reader Points for feeding back.

The rating process is designed to support writers irrespective of what stage of development their ebook and writing is. It will provide thoughts for the current work on the site, but also give writers ideas about how they can develop their voices on their next writing project.

iWriteReadRate Blog

Support and encouragement is vital in the writing process. This is why the iWriteReadRate blog aims to offer useful advice throughout the ebook writing, editing, design and marketing processes.


iWriteReadRate believes in community, and as such are always looking to collaborate and network with like-minded people and groups. The Friends of Ours programme is there for anyone who would like to connect for the benefit of writers and readers.

Final Thought

The iWriteReadRate team are just like the members of the community. Everything within the site has been developed to support, connect and interact with broadminded, inquisitive, and passionate writers and readers.

Visit today to become a member of the growing community.

iWriteReadRate do you?

2012 Sharp Writ Book Awards by Smart Book Lovers Now Open for Submissions

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

Smart Book Lovers is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Sharp Writ Book Awards. The Sharp Writ Book Awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in writing. Smart Book Lovers is a non-profit organization for people with high intellect and a passion for books. Our membership is global and currently at approximately 1300.

Both printed and electronic Books are eligible. They must be in English, have a valid ISBN (not required for digital books published on Kindle) and be published in 2009 or later. Books already submitted in 2010 or 2011 cannot be resubmitted. The final deadline for entering is August 31, 2012, with an Early Bird incentive for books submitted by April 30, 2012. Unlike many other book awards, self-published titles are also eligible for entry as long as they meet the other requirements. An application can be downloaded from the Sharp Writ Book Awards website. Anyone, including the publisher, publicist, agent, author or a fan can submit a book for consideration.

Winners in the 2012 Sharp Writ Awards will be announced by December, 2012, at a virtual award ceremony organized jointly by Smart Book Lovers and Channel IQ. The winners of the Sharp Writ Book Awards will receive a crystal award and certificates, as well as earn credibility and publicity for their books.

Dr. Linda Reid is a Los Angeles based physician-author and a two year participant in SWBA. Her book “Where Angels Fear to Tread” (Renegade Paladins). written as Yolanda Pascal, won the award for Science Fiction in 2010; Devil Wind came in at second place in 2011 in Fiction. “I am thrilled that ‘Devil Wind won 2nd place in the Fiction category for the 2011 Sharp Writ Book Awards” said Dr. Reid who wrote the book along with Dr. Deborah Shlian.”Smart Book Lovers, a very discerning group of readers with high IQ, have enjoyed our story in which fathers and daughters overcome years of relationship strife and join forces to save themselves and the lives of thousands of innocent victims from a Los Angeles inferno and a rogue CIA operative’s earthshaking conspiracy.”

Dr. Reid added, I’m honored to receive this prestigious award, and I’ve been very happy that so many readers have discovered my books when they were featured in Sharp Writ Book Awards/ Smart Book Lovers blog and Facebook pages.

The categories for the 2012 Sharp Writ Awards are:

MYSTERY: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Sleuths and Crime. Other genres may be considered – contact for approval.

SCIENCE FICTION: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Supernatural.

GENERAL FICTION: All other categories in Fiction including, but not limited to, Action & Adventure, Graphical Novel, Family, Saga, Historical, Humor, Inspirational, Metaphysical, Political, Western, and Romance. Other sub-genres not explicitly mentioned here, may be considered – contact organizers for more information.

POETRY: All categories of Poetry.

PSYCHOLOGY: Psychology and Self-Help.

GENERAL NON-FICTION: Career, Educational, History, Military, and True Crime. Other genres will be considered – contact organizers for approval.

BIOGRAPHY / AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Books which are biographical or autobiographical in nature, including personal memoirs.

YOUNG ADULT: Books specifically targeted at a teen audience. All genres (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) of young adult are placed in this category.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Books specifically targeted at a child audience. Examples include picture books or easy readers that combine text and illustrations.

To find out more details about how to nominate a book or to download a nomination form, visit the Sharp Writ Book Awards website.

About Smart Book Lovers


Smart Book Lovers is a non-profit, independent organization founded as a virtual place of gathering for people with high intellects and a passion for books. Originally founded as the Book Lovers Special Interest Group (SIG) of Mensa in June 2009, the officers took the group independent in order to better serve its members in 2010. Although no longer affiliated with any other organization, many of the members are current or former members of Mensa and other high IQ societies. Smart Book Lovers maintains group pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo to maximize the virtual experience for all members. In addition, the group publishes the Intelligent Expressions blog, to which group members may submit original writings and book reviews.

About Linda Reid


Dr. Linda Reid is a physician-author and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. She has served as a medical correspondent for Eyewitness News at the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC, for CNN and other Television networks. Dr. Reid’s work has been published in several newspapers, including the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. In addition to co-authoring two Sammy Greene Thrillers with Dr. Deborah Shlian, Dr. Reid is the author of the sci-fi/ fantasy books “Where Angels Fear To Tread” (Renegade Paladins), winner of the 2010 Sharp Writ Books Award in Science Fiction, and its sequel, Abyssal Redemption, as Yolanda Pascal.