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Sci-fi Mystery Novel Takes Readers into the Secrets and Conspiracies Surrounding the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

TIFFIN, Ohio (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

It was late in autumn in nineteen-hundred and ninety. Flying saucer mania was rampant. The American public was very curious about such mysterious things as, the paranormal, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Triangle. For the most part, the public was unaware of the low profile studies into these phenomena conducted by the government. These secret studies were assigned to various branches of the military complex. The U.S. Navys part in this on-going research was Project Houdini. Its mission was to determine the cause of how over 500 ships and planes, as well as their attending personnel, had vanished into the area better known as the Bermuda Triangle and were never seen again.

Project Houdini, a sci-fi mystery novel written by Thom Fillinger tells the story of Admiral Nathan Summerfield and the entire Project Houdini exploration team that had undergone into the Bermuda Triangle but never comes out. Project Houdini was designed to discover the reason for the disappearance of ships, planes and personnel in that area. However, as Summerfields team went there, all contact had been broken and the Navy couldnt find a way to recover them. All nine members and their plane vanished without any communication for over a year. It went into a a place known as Xenos, a twin of Atlantis, created within another dimension. But one day over the Atlantic, the plane reappeared. It had a partial collision with a commercial flight. The Navy planes tail shredded and went down, off the coast of Florida. A fishing boat found Alan Maxwell, a veteran journalist who was with the team and he is floating in an inflatable vest. His legs were badly mangled and he is unconscious while a US Navy helicopter attempts to make a rescue.

In an effort to keep the lid on this former naval officer, Alan Maxwells account of the terrible secret that the Project Houdini team had discovered, the projects new director, egocentric Admiral Scott and his henchman Captain Sadowski, had the reporter subjected to a high-tech brainwashing technique. They then, in order to maintain anonymity, had him moved from one hospital to another. Only newspaper editor Harry Konenbergs stubborn belief in his veteran reporter defied the odds and kept Alan Maxwells remarkable story from being systematically sucked into an all-consuming National Security vacuum.

Project Houdini is a highly entertaining read that will take readers into a fascinating story that presents a very interesting plot about strange, mysterious secrets and disappearances occurring in the Bermuda Triangle and government conspiracies to hide the truth from the public under the guise of national security. Author Thom Fillinger has masterfully crafted an intriguing novel that will sure to catch the interest and stir the curiosity of most sci-fi readers who are into the secrets and mysteries genre.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

Thomas William Fillinger was born on the eastside of Cleveland, Ohio and still lives there with his wife Patricia. They have four grown children. Timothy, Elizabeth, Carolyn, and Christina. He attended John Carroll University, The Automation Institute of Ohio and Adult Education courses in writing. Over the years, he has had a wide variety of jobs, anywhere from driving delivery trucks, to managing restaurants, to selling computer peripheral devices. Ever the story teller, now that he has retired, he has finally found the time to craft some intriguing books.

Project Houdini * by Thom Fillinger

Publication Date: December 26, 2012

Trade Paperback; $ 15.99; 211 pages; 978-1-4797-1822-1

Trade Hardback; $ 22.99; 211 pages; 978-1-4797-1823-8

eBook; $ 3.99; 978-1-4797-1824-5

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

Reader’s Digest Today’s Best Nonfiction Vol. 31 4 bestsellers

Non Fiction Best Sellers on eBay:

New Kindle eBook “Here’s Why: I Voted for Obama, I Voted for Romney, None of Above” Invites Readers to Write Their Own Chapter in a “Living” or “Open Book” Concept

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

“Here’s Why: I Voted for Obama, I Voted for Romney, None of Above,” just published as a Kindle eBook by Granny Apple Publishing LLC, is not meant to stir the coals of the great political divide among voters in the United States. Nor is it intended to question or challenge the 2012 presidential election.

Instead, author Janet Verdeguer believes that by reading the thoughtful comments of others, people will better understand what is really going on in the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans. Since they can read this eBook in the privacy and comfort of their living rooms or the nearest Starbucks, they won’t get into heated arguments with friends and family members, but instead can reflect on what people from the other side are really thinking.

“People are also tired of listening to pundits on radio or TV who many feel led them astray this election.”

“Here’s Why” is an eBook invitation for people to send their reasons. The first edition already includes comments from people in their ’40s to their ’80s, divided by chapters into these age groups.

Those who wish to submit should include two or three main reasons they voted for Obama or Romney and two or three main reasons they did not vote for the other guy. Those who did not vote or who voted for another candidate are also welcome to share their opinions..

Granny Apple Publishing and the author reserve the right to make minor edits for consistency of style and to determine which comments will be published. Janet Verdeguer, an award-winning editor and publisher with more than 30 years experience in the field, will edit the submissions and re-issue the book each time she receives 25 or more opinions.

The eBook is currently priced at $ .99 to make it widely available to voters everywhere. Everyone whose comments are included in the published eBook will receive a free copy of the updated version in which their comments appear. Comments should be emailed or snail mailed to Granny Apple Publishing. “By the act of sending in their comments, each person is automatically granting permission for Granny Apple to publish them,” says Verdeguer.

“Since the election, I have considered that, maybe, because the majority of folks seem to disagree with me, some of my thinking needs to change. I plan to read and re-read these comments from folks across the USA and do some soul searching. I encourage others to open their minds and do the same.

“At the least I am convinced that many of the leaders on the Right do not have a clue about what is really going on in peoples hearts and minds. And I am also convinced that many voters on the Left cant get beyond the groupthink that they seem to have imbedded in their subconscious minds that Conservatism is a dirty word. I believe this mindset prevents them from considering the reasons why lots of people are concerned about the direction the country is taking. I am already impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of comments I have received from both sides.

“I believe that if people on all sides read this series of thoughts, opinions and ideas, it will help them better understand each other.

“The concept of having 25 new comments added with every update will make this truly a ‘living book,’ as the years go by. I sincerely hope this book helps everyone.”

Granny Apple Publishing is a micro publisher located in Sarasota, Florida. For more information or to make a submission, contact Janet Verdeguer, Granny Apple Publishing LLC, 4602 Talbot Place, Sarasota, FL 34241 or email

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CrossReads, A New Online Community Causes Christian Readers to Rejoice

CrossReads, A New Online Community Causes Christian Readers to Rejoice
CrossReads, a new website/forum is dedicated to bringing Christian readers and authors together in a thriving, fun, community-type atmosphere designed to uplift and inspire everyone involved. CrossReads will debut the … Combing through a million …
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John L. Street Library Notes for Wednesday, Jan. 30
Did you get a new EReader? We have free EBooks! Just go to our web page, click on the banner for Kentucky Unbound. All you need is your library card number. It is easy but if you have problems just call or stop by the library for …
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2006 novel wins first AE Van Vogt sci-fi award
THE first-ever A.E. Van Vogt Award for Canadian science fiction has gone to a 2006 novel called Alphanauts by Brian J. Clarke. The novel, published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy of Calgary, is based on a group of short stories Clarke wrote about …
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non fiction best sellers eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Seamlessly Crafted Fiction Spans Genres and Sweeps Readers Away

ABILENE, Kan. (PRWEB) April 26, 2012

A seamlessly crafted work spanning genres comes this way from author V.R. Vogt in Tempted Knights. Couched in a language purely written to entertain, this new deft creation from Vogt is part-thriller, part-fantasy and part-romance.

Revolving around the story of Michelangelo Rotolo (Angelo), once a mortal but now a vampire, and forever a loyal Knight of the Alliance, Tempted Knights follows his ongoing journey together with three fellow Knights, sworn to protect humankind, in search of the malicious vampire who infected him. With hopes to bring about his mortal existence yet again, Angelos mission to seek out revenge brings them to a little town where a beautiful female named Whitney Johnson captures Angelos notice and his vampire heart as well. But to his surprise, she is no ordinary human, and her life is certainly in danger because of it. Running out of time, can Angelo find a way to save the unaware Whitney from an unstoppable mystical creature? If he fails, she faces an excruciating and brutal death.

Readers will be surely swept away into a tale with unexpected consequences and subplots in Tempted Knights. Taking the power of imagination a notch higher than its contemporaries, Vogt has concocted a read that deserves a space in every bookshelf.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

Born in Denver, Colorado, V. R. Vogt has always been fascinated by fantasy, adventure, and love stories. As a military wife, she moved around the globe with her husband and three boys until finally settling in Abilene, Kansas. With the firsthand experience of happily ever after being married to a U.S. soldier for nearly seventeen years, she began writing supernatural novels about stories that were stored away in her head for far too long. Having dealt with dyslexia at a young age and overcoming the challenges of it all, then later having her youngest son diagnosed with autism, she sought out to show her children that a disability shouldnt prevent them from accomplishing their dreams.

Tempted Knights * by V.R. Vogt

Last Chance

Publication Date: April 13, 2012

Trade Paperback; $ 23.99; 479 pages; 978-1-4691-7550-8

Trade Hardback; $ 34.99; 479 pages; 978-1-4691-8038-0

eBook; $ 3.99; 978-1-4691-2523-7

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

Bitingduck Press Targets Tech-Savvy Readers With Electronic Books By and For Geeks of All Ages

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Popular TV shows have brought the quirky lives of scientists to the viewing public, and Bitingduck Press wants to share this world with readers. A new independent publisher based in Pasadena and Montreal, Bitingduck specializes print and e-format original fiction and non-fiction with a nerd theme, broadly defined. Founded in March, the press has contracted four authors so far and is currently accepting submissions in a wide range of genres.

Jay Nadeau, a professor of biomedical engineering and Editor-in-Chief, founded Bitingduck Press out of a passion for great books and a desire to give a voice to those who can show the realities of life in science and academia, without ivory tower sugar-coating and with real content. Think Arrowsmith for the twenty-first century, she suggests. I like all styles: literary, genre, and especially young adult.

The presss first three offerings will appear in summer to fall 2012. A Slow Cold Death (by Susy Gage) is a murder mystery set in a physics department, where what appears to be a personal vendetta turns out to have a six hundred million dollar motive. On the more fanciful side are two young adult paranormal adventures. Only the Moon Howls (by Connie Senior) is the story of a 17-year-old MIT astrophysics student who drops out and runs away to Romania to hunt vampires. For younger teens, Duck Boy (by Bill Bunn) tells the story of a bullied 14-year-old animal lover who discovers the power of alchemy.

ABOUT BITINGDUCK PRESS: Bitingduck Press is a new independent press based in Pasadena and Montreal, accepting fiction and non-fiction submissions for small print runs and extensive electronic distribution and marketing in all formats. The company has distribution contracts with all major eBook sellers and with several distributors of print and print-on-demand paperbacks. Company founders are Jay Nadeau and Chris Lindensmith, both PhDs in physics from the University of Minnesota in 1996. Along with publishing, they offer freelance editorial and copyediting services and scientific consultation to the entertainment industry.

More Non Fiction Publishing Companies Press Releases

Introducing – A New Open Community for Writers and Readers of Fiction

(PRWEB UK) 3 April 2012 is an open community for writers and readers of fiction.

Literature inspires, entertains and educates. The eBook Revolution is enabling people who love literature to come together in exciting ways. Both creators and consumers have a new freedom and opportunity to connect. If there ever was a time to be enthralled with and by literature, this is it.

The social potential of ebooks is opening up new possibilities for writers to build their platform and reach an audience. For readers there are new ways of discovering ebooks, connecting directly with writers, discovering new stories and voices, and becoming a part of the writing process itself.

These continuing developments are extremely positive. They hint at a new dynamic between writers and readers across all genres.

iWriteReadRate is a community for these groups of literary people to meet, communicate, and share their love for the written word. The objective is to support writers and inspire readers – making what becomes a successful story or novel more democratic, more personal and more social.

The Community

The iWriteReadRate iStream is the social glue that binds together the community. Integrated with social networks, it is designed to enable conversation and interaction among members.


Writers submit their work to iWriteReadRate easily and instantly. It is immediately available online for free sampling and purchase as an ebook. Writers can upload any length of work, and the ebooks are categorised into six size bands.

With the iWriteReadRate Writer Profile members have a personalised writing homepage that links to activity outside of the site, including their blog, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, writers will have a personalised URL – a one-stop location to showcase their ebooks and social activity.

Feedback for writers is important; writers will receive feedback from readers at a number of levels: first thoughts, Facebook comments, full ratings and reviews of their work.

Writers will earn up to 70% of the ebook cover price (they choose what to charge from a range of options) and can set the currency as $ USD, ?GBP, Euros or $ AUS. Commission payments to writers are paid securely, automatically and instantly into their PayPal accounts.

Members will also have an opportunity to participate in the Writer Spotlight blog and ebook series.


Readers who love to find new stories and discover new voices can view the synopsis and a preview of the ebook before choosing whether to download the full work.

For readers on the move, the iWriteReadRate App enables them to browse and download samples and full ebooks instantly, wherever they are, directly into the ebook reading app on their device.

When downloading a paid-for ebook, members do so with 100% security through PayPal.


Becoming part of the journey in a writers development of an ebook is an exciting proposition. iWriteReadRate enables various levels of interaction, rating and reviews.

In addition, as a rater, they will earn Reader Points for feeding back.

The rating process is designed to support writers irrespective of what stage of development their ebook and writing is. It will provide thoughts for the current work on the site, but also give writers ideas about how they can develop their voices on their next writing project.

iWriteReadRate Blog

Support and encouragement is vital in the writing process. This is why the iWriteReadRate blog aims to offer useful advice throughout the ebook writing, editing, design and marketing processes.


iWriteReadRate believes in community, and as such are always looking to collaborate and network with like-minded people and groups. The Friends of Ours programme is there for anyone who would like to connect for the benefit of writers and readers.

Final Thought

The iWriteReadRate team are just like the members of the community. Everything within the site has been developed to support, connect and interact with broadminded, inquisitive, and passionate writers and readers.

Visit today to become a member of the growing community.

iWriteReadRate do you?

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