September 21, 2017

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“BIAlien” Novel/Comics can best be described as the following movies: Star Wars,X-men & Matrix. Learn more at: Prologue Imagine discovering a UFO and then having to hide inside of it after the elite unit of the army chases you to it in an attempt to kill you. Imagine having your nerves and senses connected with the ship and feeling what the ship does. Imagine having an out of body experience and flying a very advanced spaceship by pure thought. Going against jetfighters and making a mockery of the United States Air force. Imagine traveling from Earth to Jupiter in 30 minutes and then exploring Jupiter’s ice ocean moon Europa, what ocean aliens will you encounter? Imagine traveling towards our Sun at the speed of light and thinking you are going to die, only to have your molecules vaporized with the spaceship and transported in subspace through a system called Optic-warp. Imagine waking up on up an alien planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that uses virtual worlds as a home city. Imagine meeting an Alien species 70000 years ahead of humans, what will they tell you? What will you ask them? What is their species history? How can humans learn from the alien’s past mistakes? Imagine learning Earth is about to be silently attacked by a rival species who want to use our bodies as part of a top secret experimental weapon that can destroy all alien species in the universe; and you are the only one who can help stop this attack. Would you allow alien Nanotechnology to

In this writing tutorial segment, I talk about self publishing through, Kindle Direct Publishing (http, http http
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New Science Fiction eBook By Greg Lundberg

A new science fiction thriller set three hundred years into the future. A lost probe is discovered by the crew of the salvage vessel, Star of India. Upon opening the probe, against the science officer’s direct orders, a highly advanced, engineered virus rages out of control and threatens to sweep across known human space. Can it be stopped before all mankind is consumed? Read the book to find out! Go to

Terry Pratchett: Science Fiction or Fantasy? – Mark Lawson Talks ToTerry Pratchett – BBC

Terry Pratchett: Science Fiction or Fantasy? - Mark Lawson Talks ToTerry Pratchett - BBC

Terry Pratchett talks about his books being consigned into the eluisve Science Fiction section of bookshops. Great clip form BBC show Mark Lawson Talks To: Terry Pratchett. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

Charlaine Harris, author of the chart-topping DEAD RECKONING ( among many other bestselling books, sat down with Science Fiction Book Club Senior Editor Rome Quezada at New York City’s Standard Hotel during Book Week. The two talked about Sookie Stackhouse—including the upcoming SOOKIE STACKHOUSE COMPANION—Harris’s thoughts on HBO’s hit show, TRUE BLOOD, and who some of her favorite science fiction authors are. Get this and more Charlaine Harris news from the video! Find the Sookie Stackhouse series, including the Science Fiction Book Club exclusive omnibus DEAD IN DIXIE ( at Become a member of SFBC ( today and get 5 books for each.
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Luke Burrage – Science Fiction Book Review Podcast » Podcast Feed

Luke Burrage – Science Fiction Book Review Podcast » Podcast Feed

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Free science fiction story ebooks from David Marusek
… free Kindle ebooks containing several of my previously published short stories. Locked behind pay walls, these stories have been somewhat difficult to obtain (outside of pirate sites). My Morning Glory and other flashes of absurd science fiction is …
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