October 22, 2017

Wars, Natural Disasters, Economic Crises, Is Time Running Out for Mankind? See What Might Happen if Prophecy Were Fulfilled in the New Book, One Will Be Taken

McLean, VA (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

Reliquum Publishing is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the book, “One Will Be Taken,” by author Dawn Morris in both paperback and e-book: Amazon paperback, Barnes & Noble paperback, Kindle, Nook.) Based on key end-time events recorded in the Book of Revelation, “One Will Be Taken” is a spellbinding tale depicting the rise of the Antichrist, a world ripped apart by crises and natural disasters, and evil rising up to war against good, culminating in a spectacular ending that will leave readers hungry for more. Though the Mayans got it wrong, in the first volume of her Taken series, Bible prophecy expert, Dawn Morris, skillfully weaves a suspenseful thriller that reveals the ending God may well have in mind.

Morris passion for end-times prophecy and the Book of Revelation spans thirty years. With all the current talk about the end of the world, the timing is perfect to release One Will Be Taken, the first title in her Taken series. I wanted to take this complex topic and put it in the form of a story to make it more easily accessible. Man has always wanted to know the future. In these days of increasing hardship, that desire is even greater. I wanted to explore what the world would go through if that time were upon us now.

In Morris story, we follow Arturo Giamo, a renowned visionary. His pioneering methodology in genetic engineering has established him as the worlds foremost expert in his field. It also puts within his grasp the realization of his lifes dream: to design children who are not just intelligent beyond imagination, but capable of leading mankind to the next level of evolutionary development, to solve the gravest problems in the world and usher in an age of lasting unity, peace, and prosperity.

With the birth of his son, Luca Romano Giamo, Arturo attains his greatest personal triumph and the crowning achievement for Giamo Infertility Associatesthe miraculous birth of the perfect child, his own son. As Luca matures, his fawning mentor, Billings Mason, rises to world renown as a man of faith, able to perform extraordinary miracles. After the mysterious disappearance of the worlds Christians, Mason becomes Pope Peter II. As the miracle-working pope draws together world leaders, he consolidates Lucas power, positioning him as a key leader in the new world that dawned at his birth.

Global crises multiply and natural disasters are unleashed on the earth, while Israels enemies mass on her borders. As evil gains dominion throughout the world, what will God do? What will become of His people? Can faith endure in such times?

This is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now is already in the world. (1 John 4:3, NASB)

I hope ‘One Will Be Taken’ will make people think about eternity, says Morris. I know only one source that has a 100% track record about future thingsthe Bible. It is my hope that this book will cause readers to explore the Bible more deeply. I wanted to appeal to people with an interest or concern for what the future holds for them and the world. I hope they will enjoy a good story and glean a better perspective of what potentially lies ahead for mankind.

Dawn Morris has done extensive research on biblical prophecy for over thirty years and led many studies in what the Bible has to say about the Last Days, even developing and teaching curriculum on these subjects for high school students. She has a Bachelors of Science in Education and has written many stories for her children. She lives in Northern Virginia.

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Mighty Mack updates its leading Film Today App – in time to satisfy film professionals’ need for instant news, acquisition deals, and gossip at the 2013 Berlinale.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

As the 63rd International Berlin Film Festival commences, world renowned stars and filmmakers get set to stride and glitter the red carpet followed by their dedicated fans, who will eye every single intricate detail, either live or real-time, using many of the trusted tools which the 21st century has to offer.

The boundaries between fiction and documentary are getting thinner and filmmaker / Auteur Wong Kar Wai, who presides over the festivals Jury this year, discusses some of it in his interview.

Film Today, Mighty Macks popular entertainment news App, announces the release of version 2.7. Since the App entered the marketplace, it proved to be a great way to stay informed on Festival news, reviews, and interviews. It is the mobile lifeline to all the professional entertainment industry news and stories. “This handy App lets me stay on top of all the news — real-time — in a way thats simple, fun, and useful.” said Greg M, a long-time festival attendee and user.

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The Film Today App brings articles pulled from customized lists of publications, journalists, trades and opinion leaders for each subject channel. Mighty Mack continuously monitors and adjusts the source lists to include new sources and publications as well as notable voices of opinion columnists.

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Film Today is published by Mighty Mack and available today at bit.ly/film-news

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