October 23, 2017

Digital Book World: eBook Pricing: State of Play and Analysis

Digital Book World: eBook Pricing: State of Play and Analysis
Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World, was the moderator and discussed his site developing their own best seller list that took the price of the ebook into account. Jeremy started to notice a trend that fewer high priced books are …
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Book News: Should Ayn Rand Be Required Reading?
Libraries are already lending digital materials, but the concept of selling "used" ebooks is pretty novel (sorry). According to the patent, "When the user no longer desires to retain the right to access the now-used digital … Little, Brown announced …
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Guy Kawasaki on How To Budget for Your Book
In APE, Kawasaki urged writers to ask themselves: could I sell 500 eBooks or print books? We asked if he could elaborate on that daunting question. He responded: The most objective indication … is no doubt in my mind that spending $ 10,000-15,000 on a …
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Where in the World is Samhain Publishing?

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 29, 2012

International publisher Samhain Publishing? has long been a virtual international presence, with its eBooks and trade paperbacks available around the world. Now the romance and horror publisher is following suit with expanded presence in conferences and trade show participation.

Recent and upcoming conference participation includes:

????Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany (Oct., 2011)
????World Horror Convention Salt Like City, Utah (March, 2012)
????RT Booklovers Convention Chicago, IL (April, 2012) where they celebrated several nominations for RT Reviewers’ Choice Award awards, including winning Best Indie Erotic Romance of 2011 for Jayne Rylon’s Morgan’s Surprise.
????London Book Fair London, England (April, 2012)
????Reader & Author Get Together Cincinnati, OH (June, 2012)
????ThrillerFest New York, NY (July, 2012)
????Romance Writers of America National Conference Anaheim, CA (July, 2012)

According to publisher Lindsey Faber, reaching out to readers and authors is one of the hallmarks of the six-year-old publishing house. Its important to us to maintain a personal and engaging relationship with our authors and their readers, to listen to what they want and deepen their experience with Samhain, she explains. Were always looking for new opportunities to expand our reach and share the story of Samhain.

To keep up with Samhains latest travels, visit them online at http://www.samhainpublishing.com, or via Twitter at @samhainpublishing.

About Samhain Publishing

Launched in 2005 with a vision of bringing extraordinary fiction to compulsive readers (who sometimes cant wait for a book to actually be printed), Samhain Publishing? is an international publisher of eBook and traditional print fiction. One of the most prominent voices of original ebook fiction, Samhain represents some of todays brightest authors of romance and horror fiction. To learn why at Samhain its all about the story, visit Samhain Publishing online at http://www.samhainpublishing.com.

“World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves” Ebook Now Only 0.99$ at Amazon.com and Free for Amazon Prime Members

(PRWEB) March 26, 2012

I originally created many of these concepts to be used as a back story for a videogame concept, said author H. L. Watson during an interview. But as time went on I discovered that the content I created was also a very good story and I decided to form it into a fantasy book series. This is the first book of what may become a 6 book series.

The writing career came as a bit of a surprise to H. L. Watson. It was about January of 2011 when I first started writing and I surprisingly discovered from my friends, family and early supporters that I was actually pretty good at it, which was a complete surprise to me because I had never thought of doing anything like this before. As for where the source of concepts originate, he explains, My ideas about the elves mainly come from my imagination, but I do pull in some inspiration from traditional customs and lore of medieval Europe.

What are reviewers saying?

S. Marie Vernon, PacificBookReview.com

With the “World of Ryyah-Birth of the Half Elves” , H. L. Watson has created an extraordinary piece of Elven fiction. A book that is a must read for those who still believe in magic; the magic of love and romance, the magic of a loyal family, and the magic that can renew ones faith when all they hold dear is lost. This is the magic we find in myth and legend that leaves us spellbound. And, spellbound you will be anticipating Mr. Watsons second book in the Epic Saga of the Elven Age!

Paige Lovitt, ReaderViews.com

“Birth of the Half Elves” is a wonderfully written Elven fantasy. I read it in one sitting. As a matter of fact, as soon as I started reading, I was hooked, and I wished that I had all six of the books that are in the series. The story is unique in that humans are trained in the Elven ways. Having a romance between a human and an elf also leads to some interesting dilemmas. The background descriptions of the places where the tale takes place are colorfully written and easy to picture. The characters are also all very complex and add a great deal of reality to the story. I highly recommend this novel to fans of fantasy fiction.

Anna del C. Dye, ReadersFavorite.com

This short story or novelette will be well received by all those who love elves and young adults in general. It has a sex scene without going into great details. I found the scene very well done and congratulate the author for being tasteful. This is a fun book that really sparkles.

Visit Amazon.com to buy your EBook today for only 0.99$ .

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Lyric Opera of Chicago Announces World Premiere: Bel Canto

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Anthony Freud, general director of Lyric Opera of Chicago, today announced details of its new world premiere. Bel Canto, by the gifted young Peruvian composer Jimmy L?pez, with a libretto by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz, is based on the best-selling novel by Ann Patchett. To premiere in Lyrics 2015-16 season, the new opera, commissioned as part of Lyrics Ren?e Fleming Initiative, will be conducted by Lyric music director Sir Andrew Davis and directed by Stephen Wadsworth.

Both the 2001 book and the new opera are inspired by the Lima Crisis of 1996-97, when members of a revolutionary movement in Peru held hostages at the Japanese ambassadors house for 126 days (Dec. 17, 1996-April 22, 1997). Central to the story is the fictional famed American soprano Roxanne Coss, who will be portrayed by Australian-born American soprano Danielle de Niese. Like the novel, the opera will explore the tensions and unexpected alliances that develop when a group of culturally disparate strangers the terrorists and their hostages are confined in close quarters for months.

Bel Canto will be the seventh world-premiere opera that Lyric Opera of Chicago has commissioned for its main stage since 1961. Joining Freud for the announcement were L?pez, Cruz, Fleming, Patchett, Davis, and Wadsworth.

The creation of new work is a fundamental, vital part of a major opera companys activity, Freud said. I couldnt be more excited at the start of my tenure here that Lyric is embarking on its latest mainstage commission.

As Lyrics creative consultant, Fleming is curator for this world premiere, which is a keystone of the companys Ren?e Fleming Initiative. Fleming selected the book Bel Canto as the subject for the commission because she was moved by it and found it opera-worthy. Its about terrorism on one level, but its also about what happens when people are forced to live together for a long time, and how art can raise their level of humanity as a group, Fleming said. Most of us crave a cathartic emotional experience when were at the theater, and I believe Bel Canto has the components to do that.

Fleming researched more than a hundred composers for the commission, coming up with a short list that she and Sir Andrew Davis further distilled in consultation with Anthony Freud. The composer they chose, Jimmy L?pez, has a unique intimacy with the storys setting and source material that will help to inform his work.

Of L?pez, Davis said, I was struck by his intelligence and the way he understands both the problems in bringing this piece to the stage, but also the possibilities that opera as a medium offers for illuminating a story. For example, the orchestra can accentuate the dramatic situation onstage, but it can also convey the underlying turmoil that one might not see. This is something that many composers miss and that Jimmy understands completely.

In pairing L?pez with Wadsworth, who has directed premieres of operas by the likes of Peter Lieberson and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Fleming and Davis were eager to give the first-time opera composer an experienced collaborator for meeting the challenge of taking the opera from score to stage. Fleming said, Stephen has done this often in his career, where in addition to directing, he also has an important dramaturgical role in the creation of the piece.

Speaking of Lyrics world premiere, Stephen Wadsworth said, I think there is a terrific opera in Bel Canto. Theres a vivid political story, at least two love stories, and a larger story about art and its healing power. There is also an intriguing m?lange of languages in play including English and Spanish. My job is to shepherd all parties through the period of creation and development with specific attention to the dramaturgy of the piece. We want it to be fresh and arresting, concentrated and tight in narrative and dramaturgy. All the while I will be imagining it onstage, developing the production.

Jimmy L?pezs music has been heard at Carnegie Hall and the Aspen Music Festival, and performed by prestigious orchestras including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston and Atlanta symphony orchestras, and by the leading orchestras of Chile, Peru, and Finland. In May the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France will premiere his new orchestral piece, Synesth?sie.

L?pez possesses a distinctive musical style and a broad musical worldview influenced by his studies in his native Peru, at the Sibelius Academy in Finland (2000-07), and the University of California at Berkeley (2007-12). His influences range from Bach and Mozart (the ideal opera composer) to Magnus Lindberg, Anders Hillborg, G. F. Haas and John Adams.

The New York Times has described L?pez as an expert in orchestration, while the Chicago Sun-Times declared that he is one of the most interesting young composers anywhere today.

Born in Lima in 1978, L?pez has strong memories of the 1996-97 hostage crisis there, which was covered extensively by local and international media. The bonding between terrorists and hostages was an example of inverted Stockholm syndrome, he said. The terrorists started falling in love with the hostages. Many of the terrorists were only teenagers. They looked up to the hostages as adult, educated, cultured people who spoke many languages.

In 2003, Nilo Cruz became the first Latino to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama, for his play Anna in the Tropics. Other major works include Night Train to Bolina and Two Sisters and a Piano. For Cruz, the allure of Bel Canto as an opera libretto came from this material at the center of the book where there are a couple of love stories, he said. Whenever there is love, theres the possibility to sing and to create soaring music. And the clash of people from different social strata offers great possibilities for dramatic conflict. I feel a real affinity for Ann Patchetts language, Cruz continued. Theres humor in this material, theres lyricism and an enormous amount of beauty. Shes not afraid to be emotional, and Im not afraid to be emotional. I feel an enormous amount of responsibility, and Im going to work hard to make something beautiful and powerful.

L?pez was drawn to Cruz as a librettist by his play Two Sisters and a Piano, which is about siblings living under house arrest in Cuba. The whole play happens within the house from beginning to end, L?pez explained. This is what made me think Nilo might be the one, that he is someone interested in pieces with political overtones.

Ann Patchett won the PEN/Faulkner Award for her novel Bel Canto. Thinking back to 1996-97 and the inspiration for the book, she recalls being focused on the incident in Lima from the start. It had so many elements that were compelling to me: confinement, survival, a group of strangers thrown together, the construction of family. Also, it was such an un-terrifying terrorist situation: it was a takeover where the terrorists were teenagers who kept asking for more soccer balls and take-out pizza. I was very attracted to that.

While writing the book, Patchett listened to recordings of opera singers, including Fleming, as she created the character of American soprano Roxanne Coss. Before writing Bel Canto, the author knew as much about opera as I did about baseball, which is nothing, she said. But once I came up with Roxanne, I threw myself into learning about it wholeheartedly, playing opera all the time and attending operas whenever possible. I absolutely fell in love with opera. It’s been such a wonderful bonus of writing this book. I feel like I learned a second language.

Over the past decade there have been various attempts to turn the best-selling novel into a movie or a Broadway musical or an opera. Of the Lyric Opera commission Patchett said, I am absolutely thrilled about this and about Lyric. It

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BOOK WORLD bestsellers — Feb. 19, 2012
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