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10 Strategies for Fiction Writers Get a Free Copy of This Quick How-to for Novelists

Centralia, WA (PRWEB) March 02, 2013

Starting March 1, writers will be able to download a free copy of 10 Strategies for Fiction Writers. These ten publishing strategies provide over 40 tips and tricks to help you jump into the world of self publishing: including building a platform, developing your business and more. Easy to implement, and cost-effective tips for self-publishers and small publishers!

More fiction writers are taking their publishing future into their own hands. This free informational guide for authors is written by a published writer, Kathleen Shaputis of Centralia, Washington. Shaputis works at Gorham Printing short-run book printer and is a published author of three non-fiction and two novels. Her genre is romantic comedies and contemporary fiction.

At Gorham Printing Shaputis deals with newbie authors and veterans alike every day and has found a way to support and encourage fellow writers everywhere with this new informational guidebook. Whether you have a kernel of an idea staring or a complete manuscript, I wanted to help share some ideas a writer may not have thought about, Shaputis said. This eBook is short, fun and may help kick start writers.

Reading 10 Strategies for Fiction Writers explains:

????How to define your fiction genre market
????Ideas to develop your own publishing company
????The importance of professional design
????Grassroots marketing ideas

Gorham Printing has been in the book printing business since 1976. Upgrades in technology and equipment have made short-run books more affordable than ever. With the inspiration and ease of creating eBooks, staff at Gorham Printing also offer combination packages of printed and eBooks of a title for all genres.

Self Publishing Podcast Helps Writers Achieve Their Publication Dreams in the High-Potential Kindle and eBook Age

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

Self publishing is accessible to everyone, and the podcast helps savvy, hard-working writers learn how they can make full-time livings from fiction to nonfiction something that was close to impossible before the eBook age.

Digital publishing, through Kindle and other e-formats, hasnt just revolutionized self publishing; its revolutionized all publishing, said Truant. Even established authors are now turning to this model and away from old-school publishing deals. And why not? Traditional publishers pay authors around 15% of a books sale price and hardly do any publicity, widespread distribution, or marketing for anyone other than their blockbuster clients. If those publishers are really only adding overhead, why not do it yourself? Why not build your own audience, spread the word yourself through the tools available on the Internet, and make 70% royalties while retaining total creative control?

The trio launched the new podcast, located at SelfPublishingPodcast.com, in mid April. Born from a desire to help others achieve the success they were achieving themselves, Wright, Platt, and Truant decided a weekly podcast packed with advice, best practices, and interviews with experts would help others avoid the trial and error theyd had when publishing their own work primarily on Amazons Kindle e-Book platform, but also on others like Barnes & Nobles Nook Store and the Kobo platform, which is popular in Europe.

Self-publishing used to be expensive and ineffective, but also relatively straightforward, said Wright. You paid someone to publish your books, you stored them in your garage, and then you traveled around and tried to sell them. Its completely different today. The best platforms are digital. Anyone can publish with very little out-of-pocket expense and be exposed instantly to millions of potential buyers. But now its trickier too, and youll never sell to those millions if you dont put the pieces together correctly.

The Self Publishing Podcast, which publishes new episodes every Thursday, covers topics such as how to get started, how to make a compelling book cover, how to market your book, writing and editing tips, how to format for different platforms, and much more. Its peppered with Truant, Wright and Platts trademark wit and friendly camaraderie. Its available on the iTunes, Blackberry and Zune podcast directory, as well as non-subscription play through the website at SelfPublishingPodcast.com.

Johnny B. Truant has a large readership on his blog at JohnnyBTruant.com and writes regularly for 100,000+ subscriber blogs like Copyblogger.com and Problogger.com. Platt also writes for the same blogs, and is founder of The Digital Writer. Both are known as marketing experts in the blogging niche. Professional cartoonist and blogger Wright rounds out the podcasts hosts.

Wright and Platt self-publish several books each week through their publishing companies Collective Inkwell and Sterling & Stone, including their own extremely popular post-apocalyptic horror serial Yesterdays Gone, which is one of the Top 100 Reviewed Amazon Fiction Titles of all time. Truants humor novel The Bialy Pimps debuted in a splash through blog publicity in February. Hes also the author of the Epic Series, a series of personal development and human potential essays that hit #3 on the Amazon free list for Entrepreneurship.

This is a brave new frontier, said Platt. The good news is that any good writer can now make a full-time living purely as a writer, but you must first nderstand how to make it work in order for that to happen. Thats why we started this podcast to help writers understand, and to finally realize their dreams of publication.

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Military Writers Conference Scheduled for Sept 12-14, 2012 in Denver

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

Victor Ian LLC, a military media and gaming company, will host the inaugural Sangria Summit: A Military Writers Conference from Sept. 12 to 14, 2012, in Denver, Colo. Drawing from successful writers in the military genre, the Conference will connect established writers with aspiring writers seeking to develop their craft in this niche market. The format will consist of an intensive workshop led by established writers of fiction and non-fiction books. Beyond the workshop there will be panel discussions on writing, self-publishing, traditional publishing, selling your book and author readings.

In an effort to meet the new demand for online and self-publishing, the Sangria Summit will also address digital-focused writing for e-publication on the various mobile devices.

Bob Mayer

New York Times Best Seller author Bob Mayer will lead the workshop. Mayer, a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces commanding an A-Team and as a Special Forces operations officer, and was an instructor at Fort Bragg. Mayer sold 347 e-books in January of 2011. In just six months, by July 2011, he was selling over 65,000 e-books a month. By the end of 2011, he sold over 400,000 e-books. Mayer is the CEO of Who Dares Wins Publishing (http://www.whodareswinspublishing.com) which has grown into a seven-figure indie publishing house in just two years. He has authored books in different genres, including thriller, science fiction, suspense, romance and non-fiction.

Caitlin Rother

New York Times Best Seller author, Caitlin Rother, will be leading a workshop on how to bring life to your characters. Rother has written or co-authored eight books, including “Poisoned Love,” “Dead Reckoning,” “Twisted Triangle,” “Deadly Devotion,” The best-seller “My Life, Deleted,” and her first thriller, “Naked Addiction.” Rother teaches journalism, interviewing and creative writing at University of California, San Diego Extension, and also works as a book doctor/editorial consultant. She is also the founder of the authors group San Diego Writing Women and its blog, http://www.sandiegowritingwomen.blogspot.com.

Kelly Kennedy

Keynote speakers include USA Today reporter and Army veteran Kelly Kennedy. Her experience in Somalia and Iraq allowed her to return as a combat reporter and write the story of the hardest-hit unit in Iraq in her well-received book “The Fought For Each Other.” Kennedy has written for Army Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Associated Press, NASA, The (Boulder) Daily Camera, The Denver Post, The (Portland) Oregonian, The Salt Lake Tribune and The (Ogden) Standard-Examiner.

Gina Cavallaro

Gina Cavallaro, who co-authored the book “Sniper,” will speak on the process of writing and getting a book to market. While at Army Times, she covered U.S. military operations in Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Germany and dozens of Army posts in the United States. She embedded with the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq several times. Today, Cavallaro is Marine Corps Times senior reporter.

Nate Brookshire and Marius Tecoanta

Also speaking will be Army Captains Nate Brookshire and Marius Teconanta. Their fiction book “Hidden Wounds, A Soldiers Burden” brings insight from a World War II perspective of what we now term PTSD. Additional authors will be announced once they have confirmed their attendance.

Several book agents and editors will be on hand to critique works of aspiring authors, as well. There will be sufficient time to meet other authors and spend time talking about writing during the two-day conference.

The Conference will begin with an informal reception at the Denver Press Club from 6 to 9 p.m., Sept. 12, 2012. The workshop, which includes lunch, will be at the Denver Marriott City Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 13-14, 2012. Two special dinner gatherings with the authors will be at the Denver Press Club.

Just as there was an explosion of successful writers after World War II who wrote about the war, there are thousands of stories to be told by a new crop of writers after 10 years of fighting the War on Terror, said Conference Director, Isaac Cubillos. Today there are many avenues available along with the traditional hard-cover book publishers.

Cubillos is the author of Military Reporters Stylebook and Reference Guide. He has covered the military as a reporter and editor for the past 20 years. He is the editor of Lanterloon Military Writers Magazine (http://www.lanterloon.com), a Victor Ian LLC publication.

We hope to help in the development of a new generation of writers who could be the next Tom Clancy (“Hunt for Red October”), William Manchester (“Portrait of a President,” “Good-bye Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War”) or Chris Kyle (“American Sniper”), Cubillos said.

The Sangria Summit is designed for writers of military stories fiction, non-fiction, current affairs, historical, biographical, and memoirs. This is an ideal conference for active-duty military personnel, veterans, and civilians interested in this genre. It is a chance to meet like-minded people, and rub elbows with accomplished authors.

Victor Ian LLC is a military media and gaming company located in Aurora, Colo. The company is devoted to supporting writers of military works through its online publications and conferences.

The Conference will be at the Marriott Denver City Center, In Denver. A special group rate has been arranged with the hotel.

To Register for the conference, visit http://www.sangriasummit.com.

Isaac Cubillos, Conference Director



Breakout Writers Swinging For Their Next Self Publishing Home Run With The Young Adult Paranormal Series ForNevermore (And Free Ebook!)

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Authors Sean Platt and David W. Wright have already proven that weekly serialization works to drive sales and please readers with their post-apocalyptic serial Yesterdays Gone, which has generated impressive sales and over 200 5-Star reviews. Now the duo is aiming for more self publishing success with their first entry into the young adult paranormal/dark fantasy genres.

Audiences who loved The Hunger Games and Twilight will love Platt and Wright’s recently released first season of their serial, ForNevermore.

Readers who want to sample the story can get the first episode of the series free at Amazon April 17-19 2012. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007EEF3TS/

We wanted to write something that captured the magic and misery of being young, trying to find your place, and not fitting in anywhere, said Platt, who described ForNevermore as a darkly romantic fantasy horror.

ForNevermore tells the story of Noella Snow, a 17 year old who lives in two worlds. The real world where her parents are dead and she lives with her aunt in upstate New York, then her dreamworld where her father is still alive, and shes watched over by Dante, a mysterious man with a deadly touch.

As her 17th birthday approaches, Noellas dream world begins to bleed into her real world, and she starts hearing voices and seeing monsters that cant possibly be real. As Death comes to claim her, Dante saves her, saying not only is he real, but he has watched over her for hundreds of years.

Is she losing her mind? Will he have to return to Kings Point Psychiatric Hospital?

Dont let the young adult tag fool you. This is a deep, dark story, said Wright. The only thing separating this story-wise from our other fiction is a lack of sex and the language is PG-13. But the scares, plot twists, and crazy cliffhanger endings our readers love are all there! We love how the first season turned out in its weekly form, and are thrilled to publish the full season.

Platt and Wright are looking to become Kings of the Serial this year with a publishing schedule of one book, short story, or episode per week in 2012. They treat their serials like TV shows, writing in six week blocks, with each episode ranging from 11,000 to 25,000 words in length. Each episode sells for .99 during its season. After all six episodes of a given season are out, they compile all six episodes into a Season Compilation, which sells in one low-priced book.

The duo says that offering readers a choice of either buying the serials in weekly doses or waiting for the whole season book has been one of the keys to their success.

Yesterdays Gone: Season Two returned in January for its second smash season, running six straight weeks into February. They followed with the debut of ForNevermore in February. Theyll be returning to adult horror with their newest series, WhiteSpace, a sci-fi horror serial, on May 1.

You know how HBO, Showtime, and AMC all have awesome must-see TV week after week? We want to be the HBO, Showtime, or AMC of the Kindle world, where no matter what, you know well have something awesome for you, every Tuesday, said Platt.

Collective Inkwell is the publishing company of Indie Authors Sean Platt and David W. Wright. Learn more about their books by visiting http://collectiveinkwell.com

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Introducing iWriteReadRate.com – A New Open Community for Writers and Readers of Fiction

(PRWEB UK) 3 April 2012

iWriteReadRate.com is an open community for writers and readers of fiction.

Literature inspires, entertains and educates. The eBook Revolution is enabling people who love literature to come together in exciting ways. Both creators and consumers have a new freedom and opportunity to connect. If there ever was a time to be enthralled with and by literature, this is it.

The social potential of ebooks is opening up new possibilities for writers to build their platform and reach an audience. For readers there are new ways of discovering ebooks, connecting directly with writers, discovering new stories and voices, and becoming a part of the writing process itself.

These continuing developments are extremely positive. They hint at a new dynamic between writers and readers across all genres.

iWriteReadRate is a community for these groups of literary people to meet, communicate, and share their love for the written word. The objective is to support writers and inspire readers – making what becomes a successful story or novel more democratic, more personal and more social.

The Community

The iWriteReadRate iStream is the social glue that binds together the community. Integrated with social networks, it is designed to enable conversation and interaction among members.


Writers submit their work to iWriteReadRate easily and instantly. It is immediately available online for free sampling and purchase as an ebook. Writers can upload any length of work, and the ebooks are categorised into six size bands.

With the iWriteReadRate Writer Profile members have a personalised writing homepage that links to activity outside of the site, including their blog, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, writers will have a personalised URL – a one-stop location to showcase their ebooks and social activity.

Feedback for writers is important; writers will receive feedback from readers at a number of levels: first thoughts, Facebook comments, full ratings and reviews of their work.

Writers will earn up to 70% of the ebook cover price (they choose what to charge from a range of options) and can set the currency as $ USD, ?GBP, Euros or $ AUS. Commission payments to writers are paid securely, automatically and instantly into their PayPal accounts.

Members will also have an opportunity to participate in the Writer Spotlight blog and ebook series.


Readers who love to find new stories and discover new voices can view the synopsis and a preview of the ebook before choosing whether to download the full work.

For readers on the move, the iWriteReadRate App enables them to browse and download samples and full ebooks instantly, wherever they are, directly into the ebook reading app on their device.

When downloading a paid-for ebook, members do so with 100% security through PayPal.


Becoming part of the journey in a writers development of an ebook is an exciting proposition. iWriteReadRate enables various levels of interaction, rating and reviews.

In addition, as a rater, they will earn Reader Points for feeding back.

The rating process is designed to support writers irrespective of what stage of development their ebook and writing is. It will provide thoughts for the current work on the site, but also give writers ideas about how they can develop their voices on their next writing project.

iWriteReadRate Blog

Support and encouragement is vital in the writing process. This is why the iWriteReadRate blog aims to offer useful advice throughout the ebook writing, editing, design and marketing processes.


iWriteReadRate believes in community, and as such are always looking to collaborate and network with like-minded people and groups. The Friends of Ours programme is there for anyone who would like to connect for the benefit of writers and readers.

Final Thought

The iWriteReadRate team are just like the members of the community. Everything within the site has been developed to support, connect and interact with broadminded, inquisitive, and passionate writers and readers.

Visit today to become a member of the growing community.

iWriteReadRate do you?