September 25, 2017

Terry Pratchett: Science Fiction or Fantasy? – Mark Lawson Talks ToTerry Pratchett – BBC

Terry Pratchett: Science Fiction or Fantasy? - Mark Lawson Talks ToTerry Pratchett - BBC

Terry Pratchett talks about his books being consigned into the eluisve Science Fiction section of bookshops. Great clip form BBC show Mark Lawson Talks To: Terry Pratchett. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

Charlaine Harris, author of the chart-topping DEAD RECKONING ( among many other bestselling books, sat down with Science Fiction Book Club Senior Editor Rome Quezada at New York City’s Standard Hotel during Book Week. The two talked about Sookie Stackhouse—including the upcoming SOOKIE STACKHOUSE COMPANION—Harris’s thoughts on HBO’s hit show, TRUE BLOOD, and who some of her favorite science fiction authors are. Get this and more Charlaine Harris news from the video! Find the Sookie Stackhouse series, including the Science Fiction Book Club exclusive omnibus DEAD IN DIXIE ( at Become a member of SFBC ( today and get 5 books for each.
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  1. TheOriginalBoman says:

    If it wasn’t established so early on about the nature of the? unseen university’s library and its books, I would’ve guessed that the quote “we don’t let them out of the science-fiction department” was the inspiration for that

  2. makeiteasyable says:

    for me its? brilliant

  3. Simpsonsfreak1134 says:

    I love how when he? said near the end,”I started to realize around book 4″, I automatically thought “Mort”.

  4. I once gave a 20 min lecture on how SF isn’t a genre in itself, but any other genre with unreal or speculative elements added which allow for a internally plausible plot that couldn’t occur in the real? world – but still remain romance, quest, heist etc.

    Every example turned up counter-examples. Which led to 25 extra minutes and lots of confusion.

  5. CheDonJohn says:

    I totally agree. Sciene Fiction is about taking an idea or concept and placing it in a fictional setting in order to understand or interpret it differently; good examples being Planet of the Apes, Children of Men, Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine, Outer Limits, etc.

    Star Wars doesn’t really do any of this. It is? simply a classic fable of good vs evil, with a dose of romance and redemption thrown in. I love Star Wars (the originals), but it is fantasy, not sci-fi.

  6. volvoxmusix says:

    o, i evny you a bit, although envy ain’t quite everything i feel ^^ it’s also feel? happy for you to have been face to face to pratchett in person! keep that book in high honor!

  7. Crunchy68 says:

    I? met Terry Pratchett once at a book signing. I couldn’t have been prouder if Shakespeare himself had signed me a copy of Taming of the Shrew! My life is complete.

  8. RobinZimm says:

    I’m … somewhat amused that? the interviewer seems to think a Major Author like Terry Pratchett doesn’t *want* his novels in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section. I think Terry nails the reason for this attitude from the interviewer with his anecdote about his agent, of course, and I think his reaction is exactly correct: he is writing fantasy, and he has no objection to that.

  9. hjenkinz says:

    that’s fantastic news?

  10. Skopsen says:

    Biggest bookshop in Uppsala, Sweden actually had? it’s own Terry Pratchett corner between fantasy and sci-fi. No other auther got that kind of space.

  11. FallenPears says:

    i think the reason it is classes as? science fiction is because terry explians the laws and sciences behind his books therefore making them less fantasy (magic e.t.c.) and more science sincer magic is built into the laws of physics for discworld

  12. best books ever!!!! i m in CAnada reading english books, and? i love them!!!

  13. GoblinXXX says:

    I’ve seen otherwise intelligent people close their eyes and cover their ears and scream that STAR WARS is Science Fiction because it has SPACESHIPS, as if categorizing it as Fantasy somehow lessens it. ? STARS WARS is either really SHITTY Science Fiction, or really GOOD Fantasy. I prefer to think of it as the latter.

  14. GoblinXXX says:

    Hmm… Had I not already been an atheist,? Michael Crichton’s TIMELINE would have convinced me that there could be no loving god in this universe… But that’s probably not what you mean. ;)

  15. Lowkeylie says:

    Categorizing a Pratchett book is about as easy as keeping Nobby Nobbs from pocketing the silverware. Fantasy, science? fiction, mystery, thriller, satire, whatever your tastes, chances are there’s a Discworld book for you.

  16. rockeer says:

    Terry Pratchett and his idea for how the world should work for the president of the world ! Thumbs up? if you agree

  17. michaelbailes says:

    They are NEVER in the best seller list/shelfs.
    Often they are hard to find at? all
    Borders deserves to go broke

  18. Pratchett’s Diskworld novels were a significant element in my first awakening to atheism. I thank? the man for that.

  19. GIMMEDANGERX1 says:

    Are there full interviews anywhere I (we)? can watch? I really want to see the Stephen King interview with Lawson too.

  20. MrWhiteknight7 says:

    THE DREAMS OF? MR MULDOON now available on AMAZON KINDLE @2.99…..publishers said this would make a great film….

  21. SonofAbel says:

    Soft Sci-Fi usually “are” just Fantasy….in Space. With Sciffy Plot? Devices.

    Entertaining, but I prefer Magic Realism if they want to mix them so much.

    Or Hard Sci-Fi if I want some actual Science in my reading. But that’s just me own personal tastes.

  22. DCdabest says:

    “the joy? of plot”…….thats make a lot off sense actually…….

  23. thenouv says:

    It’s in Neil Gaiman’s? blog, the post from the 26th of June 2010 called “Sire I have news”. I wish I could send you a link, but that won’t work…

  24. Dubzoomember says:

    Gaiman and Twilight? Please? elaborate.

  25. Dubzoomember says:

    I agree. It’s like saying HP Lovecraft or Doctor Who or Harry Potter or Narnia or Lord of the Rings are crap? because none of that stuff would ever actually happen.

  26. Hope00Love says:

    I love this wonderful lady, but what? will I do when the Sookie-series end?! :(

  27. kalara75 says:

    Man she seems like such a nice lady.?

  28. celticircle says:

    her writing is so engaging…down-to-earth…something than? alan ball can’t replicate…she is very human and humane,,,she is a gift…

  29. What an amazing woman,? not to mention a great writer.

  30. UniquelyGeeky says:

    Oh my gosh, she is so sweet! I just love her attitude, her personality, everything. She’s so talented and so down to earth. ?

  31. ellalouiseloves says:

    Only? two more Sookie books?!?! No more Eric?! #sobs

  32. abvinada says:

    Love? Charlaine! Great interview!