September 23, 2017

YA Fiction and Love: The Miracle of Swindon Town #100

In which John discusses whether YA fiction promoted unrealistic ideas about romantic love. Also, the Swoodilypoopers play in the Euro league against Fenerbahce.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

These are some of my favorite Young Adult books, I have read a lot. But these are just the ones that have stuck out to me. The books are not in any order at all, here is the list: 1. A Great and Terrible Beauty – Libbra Bray 2. The Luxe – Anna Godbersen 3. Rumors – Anna Godbersen 4. Envy…


  1. Mark Oswald says:

    “You guys? are disgusting, and brilliant.” Context is everything.

  2. Koji Shiromoto says:

    “…you can find, um, something? that is… GO. GO. GO. GO. GO. GO. OHHHH!!!! SCHNURGABURG!”

  3. As a Fenerbahce supporter? myself as a Turk, I am also inclined to support for Swindon this episode as a proud nerdfighter

  4. InfiniteChances74 says:

    I’ve watched (or rather listened to) 100? of these??

  5. love what you said? about hyper-reality.

  6. GodofReapers says:

    Where the? Wilfred Owen is the consolation in novels like The Road (or really anything by Cormac McCarthy)?

  7. Fran Dunbar says:

    I think that the complement to this video would be a video about how video games and (to a lesser? extent) comics effect teenage boy’s perception of how girls are supposed to look and violence.

  8. aeternamente13 says:

    “Shmoogoojg” might be my? new favorite John-bberish.

  9. already watched about 10 episodes of hankgames and didn’t? see you shoot a single goal, john :D

  10. Kathryn Hempstead says:

    i love how he substitutes foul? language with gibberish words

  11. pienkunicorn says:

    I am really confused by this statement. John’s stories aren’t primarily love stories imho. Half the time a guy is chaching an unobtainable girl/ an idea of a girl. That seems to be the point. Life > romantic relationships. Wonderfull experiences can be had even when you are chasing what you think you want. You should cherish your friends and celebrate the fact that there are love stories? (platonic/ fraternal/ romantic) in your life. You make your own adventures. That’s what I got anyway.

  12. Leon Brehony says:

    Y’know… it’s okay to pass backwards? every now and then

  13. hixsongarren says:


  14. snowbirdling says:


  15. OvercastWater says:

    So I started from episode one, two weeks ago. I just broke into the 100 club (xD) and have been working my way up. If I remember correctly Fat Lucas said that he was retiring after the last (epic) FA cup final game.? Why is he now being played again?

  16. I had no problem with the 19 Katherines, since it? was obviously a metaphor, but Catch-22 is a very satirical satire :P And satire is more forgiving.

  17. on the comments about the realism of the 19 consecutive Katherines, I’m reading Catch-22 right now and I wonder if Joseph Heller had people come up? to him and ask him if he thought it was realistic to have a Major in the air force named Major Major Major

  18. Stephani -D says:

    Nerdfighters know alcohol? is best consumed in moderation and after one reaches the legal drinking age. I don’t think you have much to worry about.

  19. All these beer ads before? videos primarily viewed by the YA demographic is going to end poorly.

  20. so glad you explained this,? I’m very sick of the stupid argument that something or other like Twilight is unrealistic.

  21. Nicole Pine says:

    …He takes it so seriously.?

  22. amazingairhead says:

    John is? not allowed to coach Henry’s future soccer team…

  23. VTOLAircraftMad says:

    sorry that? was my idiot brother

  24. VTOLAircraftMad says:

    inbred town is falling down! FUCK? OFF SCUMDON!

  25. Sidenote:? I’m aware that’s not actually the definition of insanity….

  26. BwayUnicorn says:

    Looking For Alaska is AMAZING :3333?

  27. Amritaa Hannah says:

    You should read the perfect chemistry series .. its to DIE for
    1. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
    2. Rules? of attraction by Simone Elkeles
    3. chain reaction by Simone Elkeles

  28. iconicvitality says:

    You should definitely check out the Wicked Lovely series by? Melissa Marr. 13 Reasons Why really hit home with me though.

  29. xxxdancergirlxxx says:

    @ilovelolipop321 Well I am a girl lol so… I really don’t know what certain boys would? like…

  30. Truth0rLove says:

    50 Young Adult Books I Recommend! Only for girls??? Only? 2-3 can be read from boys!!

  31. xxxdancergirlxxx says:

    I have read these! So GOOD. Can’t wait for the last book to come out next? year!

  32. ilovelolipop321 says:

    I recommend? Delirium! By Lauren Oliver

  33. Julie Rayzor Romance, Adventure, Zombies the zombie novel for young? adults is on Kindle right now!

  34. MissInfoMation says:

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  36. geekynotnerdy says:


  37. HomoSexualSpecials says:

    am surprise you didnt have house of night, vampire kisses, or a-list on here, but? other then that good books

  38. dancer girl,

    I would like you to review my funny ebook, “Nick & Myron’s? Double Diary”. Contact me and I’ll send you a free copy. Thanks!

  39. Watch this: Eternal Novel, the New? Young Adult Saga. Thanks so much!

  40. WHY ALL? GIRLS ???

  41. xxxdancergirlxxx says:

    I finished it just last week and? OMG. So good! My favorite book by John Green yet. (:

  42. I? recommend John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, if you haven’t read it already.

  43. chaingang653 says:

    Wow u? read 50 books im on my 5th one O_0

  44. xxxdancergirlxxx says:

    When I made this video the Last Sacrifice hadn’t come out yet or had a cover. That is why it wasn’t listed.?

  45. you forgot LAST SACRIFICE in the? vampire academy series

  46. xxxdancergirlxxx says:

    Sorry :( I have never? read Maximum Ride and I didn’t like The Vampire Diaries books. :(

  47. Awesome7870 says:

    I didn’t see Vampire Diaries or? Maximum Ride on the list. :(

  48. howdyheygoodneighbor says:



  50. madiha1437 says:

    shiver is? such a good book ?